Food and Beverage Linen

Linen is one of the costly overhead in hotel and linen control is very crucial. Generally in hotel linen are exchange by following one for one rule i.e soiled for clean. 

Various types of linen Used in food and beverage establishment are :

1. Table cloth : Table cloth are available of different shape and colours. They are laid on top of Moulton. It adds the eye appeal and protects from slippage. It should have fall of 12 inch from all side in any kind of table when used. 
Sizes :-  60" * 60 " for 3 feet square table
               72" * 60 " for 4 feet * 3 feet table

2. Moulton : While setting up table , it is always laid first i.e. It is put as base of table. It is thick cotton cloth and act as absorbent if something fell on table and it also holds table cloth and prevent table cloth from slipping . 

3. Waiter clothes : they are used by waiters to protect from heat and prevent spillage of food/ drinks in their clothes. It can also be used to wipe cutlery and glasses and are hung in head during service. It size is 18 inch * 22 inch 

4. Guest napkins : They are folded in different shape and decorated at table. It is used by guest to wipe and clean mouth, hand , protect their clothes. They should be cleaned and well pressed and designed to match colour with table cloth. The standard size is 18 inch * 18 inch to 24 inch * 24 inch

5. Cocktail napkin : They are used to avoid dripping form chilled beverage and it's standard size is 9 inch * 9 inch

6. Tray cloth :  normally discarded napkin is used to put on tray. It prevents slippage of food items and beverage during service  and clearance

7. Buffet clothes : They are used in Buffet . The cloth is made of damask. They are laid under chaffing dishes , cutleries and crockery above moulton.

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