Menu Engineering Grid | Tips while designing Menu

Menu Engineering is the study of profitability and popularity of menu items with goal to increase profitability. Menu Engineering grid classify the items on menu based on popularity and contribution margin in four different grids :-

1. Stars :- These are those items on menu which are high on contribution margin and popularity. To manage those items,  feature them prominently in menu and regularly promote these items. We can increase price in peak season and should always be sure that quality are never compromised.

2. Plow horse :- These are items on menu that are low in contribution margin but high on popularity. To manage plow horse, Test small increase in selling price and check for demand , create a package with high contribution margin items and as possible reduce food cost of that item.

3. Puzzle :- They are high on contribution margin but low on popularity. To manage puzzles , Reposition items on menu and feature it. Also rename the item and change presentation style. Try to promote their sell by going upselling and push selling

4. Dogs :- They are item in menu that are both low in popularity and low in contribution margin. To manage dogs, we should first try to raise their status to puzzle for which,we should go for upselling by increasing their price. If they are new items we should have patience and try to improve their quality. Remove the items from menu If no improvement 


some easy tips to be considered while designing a menu :-

1. Use visual cues to highlight your items in menu but do not highlight from top to bottom. Highlight one per category. 

2. Photographs can increase your sell by 30 percent when used wisely. Do not use multiple photos , menu is not a gallery . Use one photograph on page

3.  Do not list your price in column as it will cause your customer to focus on price rather than food which makes them to order cheap items from menu

4. Always place price two steps after end of item description

5. Just write the number and never write sign of currency . 

6. Remember pricing strategy 99 looks cheaper than 100 in a same way 299 looks cheaper than 320. Customer will look first digit of price first and number of digit

7. Design menu cover configuration wisely . For example :- setting one panel menu make people took decision faster but they won't order as much leading lower profitability per customer. Use too page for attention and highlight. Two panel menu is easy to read and three panel menu is valid choice if we have many item to sell . If we have many panel menu , we have less control over menu.

8. Use menu items description with brand names used in dishes.

9. Put the price wisely by calculating the food cost  . Never put price randomly .e.t.c

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