Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian Cuisine makes heavy uses of legumes and vegetables. Bread form the backbone of Egyptian Cuisine and consumed at all Egyptian meal. The local bread is called Eish Masri . The Egyptian Cuisine is  bit of mix due to geography, history and religion. Traditional Egyptian Cuisine shares a lot of similarities to Eastern Mediterranean region. The most important part of Egyptian Cuisine is use if if vegetables. The vegetables are cheaper than meat so they share staple in many dishes.

Meat is still widely available with the most popular type of meat being Rabbit, pigeon, chicken and duck . Lamb and beef are available but they are not common in traditional Egyptian dishes. Similarly, cheese is important staple food and remains an important part of traditional Egyptian Cuisine and is served with breakfast. The most common cheese found in Egypt is domiati cheese , a soft salty and white cheese. 

An example Egyptian dish is Baba Ghahoush:- which is usually eaten with flat bread like pita and is condiment made with eggplants, chick peas , lemon juice , salt , pepper , parsley , cumin and oil .

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