Tourism | Nature | Characteristics

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The word tourism is derived from the French word tourisme. It denotes the movement of human beings from one place to another, wheather it is within own country or other countries for various purposes.

The word tourisme is related to travel and travel related activities. Tourism can be defined as movement of people from one place to another or from one country to another at leisure for purpose of business, pleasure , religion , visiting friends or family e.t.c or recreation. Tourism is simply movement of people from one destination to another linked with leisure and recreation. Leisure is the free time available. Thomas Cook is father of tourism . The movement towards destination is at least for 24 hour and less then a year. 

Characteristics of Tourism 

Tourism is a service industry which not only meant traveling to particular destination but also includes activities under taken during stay. Some characteristics of tourism are :-
  • It is movement of people away from home or homely environment. 
  • It involves familiar destination to unfamiliar destination
  • The activities in destination should be temporary
  • Tourism Activities are done in leisure.
  • A tourism activity creates better image of the destination
  • Intention of guest should be back to the permanent resident after visiting destination
  • Tourism activity is experience with satisfaction.


The Nature of Tourism are :

1. Tourism is an intangible product :

Tourism is intangible product as it is related to feeling and experience. It cannot be seen, tasted, measured before they are received. 

2. Tourism is luxurious concept as it cannot be afforded with low income group people and low purchasing power capacity People

3. Tourism Products are very perishable that is they cannot be stored for future sales. They lost revenue for that day if not sold in that day. Unused service of today cannot be sold next day 

4. Tourism Product are immovable because the tourism Product cannot be moved to the customer/consumer. The consumer should go to the product to view or watch . They cannot be transported or moved from one place to another

5. Tourism Product have unstable Demand as the demand is influenced by various factors like season , climate e.t.c

6. Tourism industry is long term industry as there is non stop movement of people and tourism industry is sustainable.

7. Tourism Product are composite product as it cannot be provided by single enterprise. Many enterprise are needed in tourism for example ,  airline provides seat, hotel provides room , restaurant provide food items , travel agents make bookings  

8. Tourism Product ownership is not transferable . The service and facilities can be used for limited period but cannot be owned. The paid facilities cannot be own

9. Tourism Product are heterogeneous in nature .

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