Concept of Hotel and Chain Hotels

The word Hotel is derived from the word  "Hote" which meant Host. Hotel is a place where a bona fide traveller can receive food and shelter , provided he is position to pay for and is in fit condition to be received. Bona fide is legal traveller , travelling for purpose . They are commercial establishments that provides fooding and Accomodation for paying guests. City hotel New York was the first commercial hotel of the world while Hotel Royal was first commercial hotel of Nepal. In India, Hotel Taj Mahal was the first hotel. 


The concept of chain hotel came in 1920 under stewardship of EM Statler. Chain hotel are group of hotel and restaurant running in different places in and out of country under one brand name.  They run under Franchise, Management contract , lease or profit sharing basic. They are group of hotel sharing common name and ownership. They run in different places under one brand name .

World famous chain Hotel 

  • Hilton 
  • Hyatt
  • Sheraton
  • Radisson 
  • Holiday Inn
  • Inter continental
  • Marriott
  • Crown plaza

They all originated from U.S.A

Similarly , There are many other brands other than originated in U.S.A like -

  • Four season - Canada
  • Meridien -  France 
  • Accor - France
  • Taj - India
  • Oberoi - India
  • Trident - India
  • Atlantis The palm - Dubai
  • Shangri-la - Hong Kong


  • Soaltee crowne plaza
  • Hyatt Regency 
  • Radisson Hotel
  • Fairmont Marriott


  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Hot breads
  • Yellow chilly

Domestic Chain Hotel in Nepal 

  • The Bakery cafe
  • Nd's 
  • Nanglo cafe
  • Siddhartha group of Hospitality
  • Bajeko sekuwa
  • Indreni group

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