Reservation process and Factors Affecting Reservation In Hotel

In brief , Reservation process can be Summarized in,

when the guest rings , greet him/her , ask for the date and time of arrival and departure. Ask the type of room requested and number of persons going to stay in room. Then, check for the availability of such room. Sold out , on request , free sale language should be used. If free sale / such room is available , ask the name of the guest , company addresses, telephone number and billing instructions. Ask for the confirmation by requesting sir we request you to send this Reservation in writing to give you confirmation. We shall provisionally retain a room for you till then.

It can be extended in process 

1. Enquiry for Reservation :-

Enquiry for Reservation is received in various source. Regardless of the source, the Reservation personnel will collect the following information about the guest :-

Name of the guest
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Desired room types
Special request,
Contact and telephone numbers
Desired room plan
Number of pax
Reservation source
Desired room rent

2. Determining the availability of Room :-

After the information we look for the availability of desired room on the date. sometime overbooking is also done while determining availability of room. Reservation chart is seen .

3. Accepting or denying the Reservation request :-

The Reservation will either be accepted or denied based on availability of room. Also the Reservation section will deny request for Reservation if the rate desired is low, guest is black listed.

4. Documenting the Reservation details :-

If Reservation is accepted , all the information and details are computerized and recorded. 

5. Confirming the Reservation request :-

The main attempt of hotel is to seek advance deposit. Without payment also the Reservation will be confirmed through available mode. The guest can give Reservation request in written which is evidence and shows guest is serious about his Reservation.

6. Maintain the Reservation method :-

Reservation record is maintain by  proper filing in computer for future maintaining in chronological order as per date of arrival . The form are revised and updated if guest changes Reservation and if he cancelled, cancellation form is attached on Reservation.

7. Compiling the Reservation request which helps to forecast market , no shows, preparing guest history card.

There are various factors which affects Reservation :-

1. No - show :- If the guest booked neither cancelled his Reservation nor he showed any sign in hotel it will be No - show. It affects Reservation system negatively. Overbooking can counter No - show. No show billing should be properly done. If the guest did No - show due to political and environmental factor the money will be returned back to guest and if it was due to his private reason the money will not be refunded.

2. Overbooking :- overbooking is a fine art to maximise room sells which counters cancellation, amendment, No show. A hotel will book more number of rooms than its available room. It should be done with proper calculation otherwise we have to send guest with guaranteed reservation to other hotel of same standard which directly affects reputation of our hotel along with profit. It helps to increase revenue of hotel but should be done with caution. 

3. Walk - in :- He is a chance guest i.e guest without Reservation who directly come to our hotel seeking accomodation. Walk in guest are common in downtown hotel but they should not be given room if they are drunk , mentally ill and black listed . While handling them the availability of room is checked first and advance deposit is secured. If there are no rooms in hotel , he should not be ignored , he should be referred to nearby comparable hotel and if possible dropped to increase our property goodwill 

4. Cancellation :- cancellation is the act of withdrawing Reservation request prior to arrival . If the guest cancelled due to political and environmental forces, he is refunded fully in case of free individual Traveller and also if they send cancellation notice two days advance. If the cancellation notice is given in 48 hour , hotel levies one night compensation. Cancellation for group is quite different as the volume of room blocked will be high so notice should be given very advance almost a month ahead in case of large group. Compensation is not levied on cancellation of less than 25% if done in advance. 10% compensation is also charged by hotel if notice regarding transfer of hotel is not given in month advance. No compensation is levied on case of unforeseen circumstances. If the cancellation notice is received in less than 48 hour , the hotel will compensate depending on night of stay.

5. Over stay and under stay :- overstay may bring shortage of sellable rooms and understay will bring loss. If the guest stays more than his stated departed date than it is overstay and if the guest departs earlier than his stated departed date it will be under stay

6. Out of order :- out of order room also affects Reservation. It is not available for sale due to repair , maintenance for specific time.

7. Amendment :- It is the process of changing Reservation date scheduled due to certain reasons. Reservation chart is amended as soon as guest amends his Reservation. It will also affects Reservation. Compensation is levied depending on the date when it is informed to the hotel about amendment.

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