Sea Food | What are the types of Seafood?

The term sea food is for all species of animal beside fish living in sea without backbone and change consume by human beings. Sea food are marine life that are edible. They are imported source of vitamin and minerals except vitamin C so while serving citrus items are served along. 


Sea food can be classified into two groups :-

1. Molluscs :- They have soft body and edible hard hard shell. Example mussels , scallop , octopus and squid.

2. Crustaceans :- They have sweet taste and hard jointed shell. 


  • The shell should be tightly closed and firm. It should not be broken and have crack.
  • They are highly perishable and should be purchase at last.
  • They should not have disagreeable odour
  • No foreign material should be present in their body.
  • They should have shiny and moist appearance
  • They should spring back quickly when lightly pressed
  • Fresh scallop should have firm texture and sweet odour. Sour or iodine smell indicates spoilage
  • Crabs and lobster should have / show leg movement. 
  • The shell should not have blacked edges
Note :- sea food can be prepared by dry heat Cooking  medium and moist heat Cooking medium like grilling , Roasting , Baking , sauteing , steaming , simmering , poaching , pan searing . Seafood should be cooked just untill done. Overcooking will be mistake made when preparing shell fish. The flesh after cooking become opaque and firm. They cool quickly at low temperature. They have delicate texture so do not rapid boil / boiled otherwise they will break down ( exception for crab)

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