Tequila is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented mash of catcus like agave plant called Blue Mezcal.  It is a Mexican spirit distilled from juice of Blue agave. Tequila is clear and unaged with Alcohol by volume of 40 %- 50% . To grow blue agave , we need red volcanic soil. The agave plant look like pineapple and weight upto 70 pounds. It have spikes which are removed and takes eight years to mature. Tequila is the national drink of Mexico. To make tequila it should have at least 51% Agave. 

Types of Tequila :-

1. Blanco : It is unaged and white . It is bottled immediately after distillation and age less than two months in stainless steel cask.

2. Reposado : It is aged minimum of two month to less than a year in oak barrel.

3. Joven : It is a blend of silver Tequila with Reposado tequila. 

4. Anejo : It is vintage and aged minimum of one year but less than three years in oak barrel. 

Tequila is served with salt and lemon wedges /slices which is called tequila cruda because the salt is believed to lessen the burn of tequila and sour balance, enhance flavour. However , I don't suggest to drink with salt as salt will hide real flavour of drinks ,it just counters bitterness and who need salts if we have 100% agave tequila . 

Tequila is served on shooter glass or shit glass.  The popular brands of tequila are - Jose cuervo , Camino , olmeca .

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