Breakfast | Types of Breakfast

The word Breakfast = Break + fast which meant to break the fasting of night . It is the first meal of the day served normally between 7 to 10 a.m . Breakfast is a British term. The courses in Breakfast determine the types of breakfast. Various types of breakfast are served by hotel . The types of Breakfast are :-

1. Continental Breakfast :-

The term continental breakfast was first used in 1896. It is light morning meal which consists of Bread product, fruits , fruits juice, coffee and tea. It usually don't have hot food like eggs and sausage.
  • Fruit juice : fruits juice like orange and apple juice are common.
  • Bread products : donuts , muffins, pastries , croissant and bread are served with condiments like butter, cream , cheese ,jam, jelly.
  • Fruits : Typically there will be apple and bananas.
  • Coffee and tea : coffee served are freshly brewed and Teabag is used.

2. English breakfast :-

It is full breakfast and is heavy. It consists of three to  seven courses.

English breakfast courses :

  • First : choice of fresh or can fruit juice like orange, mango , tomato , pineapple juice

  • Second : choice of Breakfast cereals like cornflakes , porridge .

  • Third : choice of breakfast rolls like croissant, muffins, Danish pastry or toast with butter ,jam.

  • Fourth : choice of egg which includes Boiled, poached, scrambled or fried

  • Fifth : choice of meat and fish which have Ham, bacon , sausage, veal or fish items 

  • Sixth: choice of vegetables which includes mashed potatoes, vegetable cutlet

  • Seventh : choice of hot beverage ( Tea ,hot chocolate or coffee)

Note : if you are asked to create a English breakfast menu just include items from one to seven courses and include hotel name on top and price along with government tax extra on below . Example:
  •      Fruit juice 
(Orange , mango , tomato or pineapple)
  •      Cereals
(Porridge , cornflakes)
  •       Egg
( poached or scramble or boiled)
  •       Meat
(bacon , ham or sausage fried or grilled)
  •       Bread and condiment
(Toast or croissant with butter, jam or honey)
  •       Beverage
( Tea or Coffee)

3. American breakfast :- American breakfast consists of any juice , cereals, egg , with bacon/sausage/ham and tea coffee. 

4. Indian breakfast :- India is very rich in diversity so breakfast varies from region to region . The breakfast is vegeterian and normal Indian breakfast consists tea or coffee or milk, vegetable paratha with curd , chutney, omelette.

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