The word vodka is derived from primitive Russian word ' voda '  which meant little water. Vodka is colourless and flavourless spirit distilled  from fermented mash of grains like rice , maize , barley with some potato. Vodka is not aged. World class vodka comes from Russia and have alcoholic volume ranging from 40% to 43%. Vodka is obtained from distillation of fermented mash of cereal and potato. It is a very popular drink . After the Russian Revolution many people flew from Russia and went to different countries where they opened their distillery and made vodka more famous across world . 

Types of Vodka :

1. Plain vodka :- It have neutral taste with no strong aroma and consists of only water and ethanol . The water will be 60%  while ethanol 40%. It is colourless .

2. Flavoured vodka :- They have special aroma and flavour added to them out of which most popular are peaches, coffee, honey. They have smooth flavour. They are very popular at modern days. 

Vodka is served in old fashion or Hi- ball glass with Ice cubes , soda water or tonic water and slices of lemon.

Note : Always remember for any distilled beverages to be made first fermentation is necessary . The liquid mashed after fermentation is thus distilled. Distillation are of two types Pot still and column still and for fermentation the food stuff used should contain sugar in it which is converted by yeast to carbon dioxide and Alcohol.

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