Pest | Types

A pest is any organism that cause disease , discomfort , irritateness and annoys human beings and animals . Pest control is very important as it attack cleanest of establishments also.  The types of pest are :-

1. Insects like cockroach , fleas

2. Spider and eight legged arthropods

3. Bacteria

4.  Snails 

5. Mice 

6. Bed bugs, lice

7. Ants , termites

8. Mosquitos

Pest control is suitable for maintenance of safe environment. Pest should be identified and medicines is used.generally pest control is out sourced from hotel on contract . Pesticides have severe effect on health and it also destroys fabric colour so they usually should be carried out in spring cleaning. If the guest found pest it will fully destroy the reputation of hotel so proper eradication of pest is most.

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