Appetizer - Introduction And Types

Appetizer are small portion of food items that are served as first course to stimulate appetite. They are both in solid and in liquid form . It should be colourful, dainty,well presented and decorated and are also known as starters/Hors d'oeuvre It is an age old custom to serve tidbits of food and beverage to guest while they are waiting for the food to be served. Thy are neatly decorated and well garnished small portion of food items which are finger food served prior to meal or in between meal times. Hors d oeuvre are served before the meal and can be associated with fingers foods served without cutleries while Appetizer are served during meal as a first course. 


Appetizers can be categorised as :- Cocktails, canapés , hors d'oeuvres , petite salads

COCKTAILS :- They are served chilled and could be in liquid or in solid form . Juices of fruits or vegetables or bite size cut seafood are served with Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice , jal jeera . Cocktails should be fresh in appearence and arrange attractively to have visual eye appeal. 


1. JUICES :- Juices of orange , pineapple , tomato and grapefruit are served.

2. MIXED FRUIT COCKTAIL :- dices cut of different fruits are served with lemon juice squeeze on top. It is served in cocktail glasses and decorated attractively with cherry.

3. SHELL FISH COCKTAIL :- Dices of cooked shell fish are placed in shredded lettuce in cocktail glass with cocktail sauce on top and garnish. 

4. FLORIDA COCKTAIL :- Orange and grapefruit segment with its nice poured and garnish with cherry on top. 

Note :- Cocktail should be served well chilled, Fruits should be cut into attractive manner and should have good eye appeal . They should be served in Cocktail glass , if any green is used - it should be crispy. 

PETITE SALAD :- They are dainty, artistically arranged and consists of base, body and garnish . As appetizer, it is served in small quantity . Various salad can be used as Appetizer course which are salad Nicoise, Meat salad, peas and Rice salad , Potato salad, Apple and tomato salad. 

Canapés :- It is served hot or cold and are savoury tidbit foods . Canapés should be fresh and have good eye appeal. Dainty combination of different coloured items are used on small cut pieces of bread which may be toasted and fried. Preparing of canapés required high skill of presentation . Different butter spreads could be used with decoration and garnish . Hot canapés are lightly garnished. The spread should be colourful and we can use different  bread colour of bread to give variety. 

Note :- cut bread into thin slices for canapés.

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