Guidelines For Making Salad

Certain Guidelines should be followed for making perfect salad. Without these guidelines our salad quality suffers. Some guidelines to be followed are :-
  • Our greens used in salad should be considered completely dry no matter what kind of greens are we using. 
  • We should always cut greens into bite size particles.
  • A good salad always have dressings so it is a priority that should be added to salad
  • Dressing should not be used in excessive amount ,it should be lightly drizzle. Drowning of ingredients in salad should be avoided
  • We have to keep our salad as simple as possible. 
  • Similarly, we have to cut our ingredients neatly and make good balance of colour.
  • We should use fresh ingredients in salad 
  • Mix greens well with ingredients in salad
  • Add dressing just before serving . If we add dressing prior , salad will wilt
  • Salad should be well garnished and should be eye appealing
  • The green used in salad should be crispy and wash throughly
  • It should be kept chilled but not frozen/ice cold
  • Ingredients to be used should be used with planning and food items should be recognizable 
  • Meat items served should be warm to avoid risk of food poisoning
  • We should portion salad in proper bowl without overcrowding and keeping it off from the rim by placing neatly in plate
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Remember, don't make food items complex. The simpler you made the good it will be. It should have natural flavour and should retain vitamin , Minerals. Simplicity is the key!!

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