Chicken Jhol MoMo | Delicious Jhol MoMo


Sesame seed
Timmur( Sichuan pepper)
Ginger , garlic
Cumin seed,  
Tomatoes ,
Corriander Leaf,

Note :- we are going with three Method of Preparation . Recipe 1 :-

  • Roast Timmur and sesame seed , let it cool and blend it in grinder

  • Heat oil , add cumin seed and chopped Ginger and garlic , then add red chilli whole

  • Add medium chopped Tomatoes and cook tomato till it gets soft . Now we will add water , salt and let it boil

  • Now we will add our blended paste in these mixture and blend this paste by adding corriander leaf.

  • Roast the peanut in pan and remove its outer layer and then roast sesame seed then blend the mixture.

  • Now, Fry Timmur, ginger , Red dried chillies and mix roasted peanut and sesame mixture.

  • We will now add green corriander leaf and blend it 

  • Our MoMo Jhol is ready for serving now
Alternative Method 

Prepare MoMo achar and add water in it, then add chaat masala ,salt, black salt, lemon juice , chilli pieces, corriander leaf and mix well. Maintain the consistency of MoMo jhol with MoMo Achar. We can use chicken stock instead of water for best results and For Hot soup use Hot water .

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