setting up of work station for kitchen

Nowadays there are two types of Workstation which we usually see :-

The Fixed workstation is a purpose built stainless steel which is fully equipped with drawers, doors . The home friendly versions are commonly called “Kitchen islands” are usually made of wood and integrate some storage space.while,

The Mobile workstation on the other hand is a workspace that we create ourself  using a few containers, a chopping boards and all the equipment we need while preparing food like :-

Gas Range:

The cook has to ensure that all the ranges are in proper working condition. He must light up all the burners and physically check them and also light up the small pipes near burners called ‘pilots’. It should be kept lit as it emit out a  small amount of flame and one does not have to light up the flame every time an order comes in.

Pot Full of water :

Pot full of water is to hold ladles and spoons andkept near the cooking range to save a  time while cooking. The water in the pot helps rinse the ladles and spoons but it should be changed at regular intervals.

Chopping Board:

Wet the duster and squeeze out excess water, fold to the size of chopping board and place the chopping board firmly on it. This will prevent the chopping board from slipping. Usually it is advisable to fix the chopping board on the comer of the work table so that the debris can be collected easily in the bin and processed vegetables can be scraped into a bowl. It is also a very good idea to use colour embodied chopping boards.

Moreover , we may also need 

  • small glass or metal bowl
  • vegetable peeler
  • A set of knifes
  • A roll kitchen paper towels
  • Medium shape trays 
  • Garbage bag and dustbin
  • Spatula and ladles
  • Whisk and skimmer
  • Pan , water and buckets
And above all these we need a good ventilated ,well spaced and lighted place free of pests. 

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