Sweets And Confectionary

Sweets are small shaped pieces made of sugar in confectionery . Confectionary are very popular among almost all population types. Confectionary is the art of making confections . These Food items are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Confectionary is  divided into two broad categories - baker confections and sugar confections. Bakers confections includes flour confections i.e confection made with flour as ingredients.  Similarly, sugar confectionery includes sweets , Chewing gum and confections that are made primarily of sugar. 

Confectionary are low in protein and also often are fat free. In United Kingdom confectionery terms applies to any sweet products and includes cakes also. While,in U.S.A confectionery is candy and includes sugar and chocolates Confectionary. 

Confectionary items have sugar as principal ingredients which is available in different colour with different flavour and often with nuts , Fruits. It also have pleasant smell and taste and are usually finished with different syrups. Most, common used sugar is sucrose which is also known by table sugar. Hydrolysis of sucrose gives invert sugar which is sweeter and common ingredients for making sweets. 

We will talk about a term confectionery and Confectionary . This word are often used and most gets confused . Confectionary is the place where all confections are stored or made and confectionery is the art of making confections . We use confectionery while to describe sweets and chocolates. 

Flour confections includes cookies , crackers, wafers , cakes and pastries and sugar confections includes candies and chocolates works.

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