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 Chinese Menu Items - II

Veg Wonton with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Sweet Corn Soup
Vegetable Noodles
Kung Pao Chicken
Book Choy in Oyster Sauce 
Chinese Salad
Note : The Following Recipe is for 4 number of pax and write it down in Standard Recipe format.

Veg Wonton with sweet and sour sauce
It is a Chinese dish consisting of mixture of chopped veggies which are rolled and fried.

Ingredients and quantity 
Flour.                      100 gram
Cornflour.              25 gram
Egg.                          1 number
Water.                     50 ml
Oil.                           Few drops
Milk.                         20 ml
Methods of Preparation :
  • Cut cabbage in julienne , beans in slice and carrot in julienne and chop garlic and ginger
  • In bowl, Mix cut vegetables , soy sauce , sesame oil , MSG and mix well
  • Bring wonton sheet , stuff ingredients and fold the corner applying egg wash
  • Deep fry it and serve with sweet and sour sauce.
For sweet and sour sauce
Ingredients and quantity
Rice vinegar.         30 ml
Brown sugar.        4 tbsp
Ketch up.               1 tbsp
Soy sauce.              1 teaspoon
Cornstarch 2 Tbsp with water
Methods of Preparation :
  • Mix all ingredients except cornflour and bring to boil
  • Thick it with cornflour

Sweet Corn Soup 
It is the soup of sweet corn garnish with spring onion.

Ingredients and quantity
Sweet corn.       200 gram
Corn Flour.       As required
Stock.                  1 litres
Carrot and beans.    30 gm
Ginger and garlic.    15 gm
MSG.                   As required
Seasonings.       As required
Water.                As required
Chopped spring onion.      To garnish
Method of preparation :
  • Heat a stock pot , add olive oil and saute ginger , garlic. Saute few spring onion
  • Add sweet corn , few chopped carrot and beans , saute it.
  • Now in a blender , blend sweet corn adding water and add the sweet corn paste in saute vegetables and sweet corn 
  • Add stock , salt and stir well
  • Boil and simmer. Thicken the soup by adding cornflour and correct seasonings
  • Garnish by spring onion

Vegetables Noodles
It is stir fried noodles served with vegetables

Ingredients and quantity
Oil.                      50 gram
Noodles.            1 packet
Cabbage.             25 gram
Carrot.                 25 gram
Onion.                 20 gram
Caspsicum.         20 gram
Chopped Garlic      15 gram
Soy sauce.          Few drops
Chopped spring onion    15 gram
MSG.                      TT
Seasonings.          TT
Methods of Preparation :
  • Boil noodles up to Al dente 
  • Heat pan , add oil , add chopped garlic and shredded/ julienne vegetables
  • Cook for few minutes and add boiled noodles.
  • Stir fry it and add seasonings 
  • Add soya sauce 
  • Garnish by spring onion

Kung Pao chicken
It is Chinese spicy Chicken from Sichuan province in China served with Kung Pao sauce.

Ingredients and quantity
Chicken breast              500 gram
White wine.                    30 ml
Soya sauce.                     1 tablespoon
Sesame oil.                     1 tablespoon
Cornflour.                      2 tablespoon
Chilly paste.                   20 gram
Garlic.                             8 cloves
Spring onion.                30 gram
Chopped garlic.            1 tablespoon
Roasted peanuts.          50 gram
Methods of Preparation :
  • Marinate the chicken with cornflour , soy sauce , oil, white pepper pinch after cutting into small cubes of 1 inch
  • Heat oil in a wok over medium heat and add cup of raw shelled peanut stirring constantly.
  • Heat oil , stir fry chicken dice to sear it
  • Now , heat oil and add chopped garlic , chillies , Sichuan peppercorn , spring onion and cook . Stir fry it and add soya sauce , water . Cook a while and thicken it by cornflour . Add soya sauce at last
  • Now , add stir fry chicken cubes and stir properly in sauce.cook for some time and season it .( Salt, pepper ,chilli paste and MSG)
  • Add roasted peanut at last stage and stir properly in sauce
  • Garnish with spring onion
Chef Note : we don't have to roast peanut if we are using roasted peanuts and we can deep fry chicken also to increase speed after marination.

Book Choy in Oyster Sauce 

Ingredients and quantity
Vegetable oil.            30 ml
Garlic minced.         1 tablespoon
Bok Choy.                  4 nos
Oyster sauce            45 ml
Soy sauce                 10 ml
Red chilli.                 2 long
Methods of preparation :
  • Heat oil in pan , add minced garlic and fry for few minutes. 
  • Add bok Choy , stir well and cook till it wilts. Normally , 5/7 minutes.
  • Pour Oyster sauce , soy sauce, water . Boil and simmer for 3/4 minutes
  • Served with seedless slit length red chilly.

Chinese Salad

Ingredients and quantity
Chinese cabbage leaf.          50 gram
Red cabbage.                         100 gm
Beans sprouts.                       30 gram
Celery.                         1 stick
Cucumber strips.     100 gram
Plain yoghurt.           30 gram
Salad cream.             30 ml
Soy sauce.                  1 teaspoon
Seasoning.                  TT
Methods of Preparation :
  • Place red cabbage in a bowl and add Chinese cabbage leaf , beans sprouts , celery , cucumber
  • Mix together dressing ingredients with salt pepper and add to vegetables
  • Mix well. 

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