Hotel Management : Expectations vs. Reality

 Hotel Management is a service industry where we primarily focused on meeting needs and expectations of customers. it is mainly related to Hospitality and and Travel & Tourism industry. It is only one career that provides extensive opportunities for travel and working abroad. In a narrow sense, it is an area of study that covers how to run a hotel while in broad sense it covers wide range of topic

When we think about Hotel Management ; two things may come in our mind - big hotels, guests and Cooking . However, Cooking food / attending a guest and showing hospitality in a luxurious room is not hotel management. Hotel management is a big industry which can be compared to a big tree with many branches. Hotel management is not only limited to hotel. Beside Hotel, it also covers very wide and vast subject of study with a lot of challenges

A question may arise to us now?? So what career beside hotel!! Well, careers in hotel management opens up plenty of opportunities. It provides endless career opportunities . There is no any limit of job. Beside Hotels , one can work in :

  • Cruise ships
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Airline Catering and cabin Services
  • Club management
  • Catering department in banks , railway , Armed force , Navy , 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer service Executives
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Event Management companies
  • Tour and travels companies
  • Call centre
  • Cinema Hall and shopping centres
  • Hygiene departments in various multi national company
  • Well, in hotel only there are vast choices of job in various positions which are exciting from Front office , Housekeeping , food and beverage service to food production department , Marketing e.t.c

It is only a subject that have flexible turns. For instance,  your bachelor degree in Hotel Management doesn't mean you have to stick to your graduation and complete your masters in Hotel management only. You can easily shift and shape your career in multi dimensional fields. The world of Hospitality continues to expand and is one of the fastest growing industry which is estimated to create and provide over 2 million jobs over a decade.

However , The start of career is very tough as you have to work your way up through rank and promotions. Similarly, beginning salary are low and the competition is very high so , one have to look for opportunities rather than salary otherwise career may dead end there. The initial salary in Nepal starts From NRS 20,000 without adding service charges/bonuses and incentives. The salary may easily go up to 40000/50000 within 3/4 years of Hard-work and dedication. Five star hotel are best to work when compared to three stars and four stars. 

You are meeting a lot of People from different cultures and it is only a career that provides extensive opportunities for travel and working abroad. So, why not make your career in Hotel Management?

In Nepal B.H.M is a graduation course which is offered by different colleges through different universities affiliation - pokhara university , Tribhuwan university , Purwanchal university. I recommend both university as they ranks high among world universities rank. The course is of 4 years after grade 12. Anyone from any stream in +2 can apply for B.H.M . It don't matter if you have studied science , commerce or any. You have to pass CMAT TEST to get enrolled in T.U affiliated colleges which is a very easy test based on objectives questions. The four years course includes 1 year of Industrial Training where every student has to train himself in operational departments of Hotel. It is also called Hotel Internship. You can depend upon college or go to internship on your own. International Internship is available world wide but it costs much. The cost can be easily covered through salary you get during internship period and if you have tight saving habit you can easily afford an iPhone and a bike. After, completing 1 year internship you have to return back to college and study for eighth semester. You also have to submit thesis report and internship report along with journal during internship period. Good luck and welcome to Hotel Management guys!!

( Internship report sample and thesis report sample are available in blog , search with keyword )

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