Brown Rice Calories

 Brown Rice Calories

We all may have seen Brown Rice in grocery store, departments, shopping centre.  so well, a question may arise to us ! What exactly is brown Rice? How many calories are there? Is brown rice beneficial? Does it have any effects on long term consumption? We will be discussing about it here.

Brown rice by easy hotel management

Brown rice simply is a whole grain rice with only it's hull removed.  Hull is the coating of seed/ hard covering in grains. In white Rice Hull, bran and and cereal germs are removed while only Hull is removed in case of brown rice. Bran is the outermost covering of rice which offers extra Nutrients but it take time to cook . That's why , brown Rice took longer to cook generally ranging from 30 - 45 minutes. To cook brown rice , water should be used in ratio of 1:6 i.e 1 cup of Rice to 6 cup of Water.  Brown rice is extremely nutritious and it has been said that just one cup of rice fulfills nearly all your daily requirements. Moreover, it also helps in reducing belly fat and weight. 

However , though it contains Nutrients doesn't meant we should repeat eating it all day. Brown rice contains more than 80% Arsenic than white rice . We all knew what more arsenic means - Heart disease , cancer , strokes e.t.c . Rice is only the grain that absorb more arsenic from soil when compared to other grains and brown rice has more than 80% arsenic than white rice .so , eating regularly brown rice is not adviced. We may schedule it once/twice a week for proper dietary benefits.

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