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Cocktail de crevettes


Stroganoff de Agneau

Riz Carotte

Note: The following Recipe are for 4 no. of portion and represent it in standard recipe format in journal.

Cocktail de Crevette

It is boiled prawn served with cocktail sauce

Ingredients and quantity 

Prawn                         300 gram

Mayonnaise sauce.  150 gram

Tomato ketchup.       50 gram

Brandy.                       Few drops

Tobasco sauce.           25 ml

Seasonings.                 TT

Vinegar                        30 ml

Paprika                       Garnish

Chives.                        Garnish

Lettuce leaf.                4 no.s

Method of preparation :

  • Wash prawn and boil it after removing black thread / digestive thread and shell 
  • Add tomato ketchup in mayonnaise sauce and add tobasco sauce , brandy , vinegar and seasonings. Mix well to prepare cocktail sauce
  • Add boiled prawn in cocktail sauce and mix it well
  • Place lettuce on cocktail glass / Appetizer plate and portion the prawn cocktail


It is marinated and blended cold soup of mix vegetables

Ingredients and quantity

Red pepper.              150 gram

Cucumber                 300 gram

Tomato concasse.     200 gram

Red wine                    50 gram

Salt.                               TT

Black pepper.              TT

Garlic peeled.              200 gram

Tobasco sauce.             10 ml

Olive oil.                        15 ml

Ice crushed.                 200 gram

Parsley.                        To garnish

Fresh cream.              To garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash and trim the vegetable
  • Cut tomato concasse in dice shape along with cucumber , bell pepper 
  • Marinate vegetables now using red wine , little vinegar , salt , black pepper , tobasco sauce and olive oil
  • Blend marinated vegetables
  • Add desired crushed ice and maintain correct consistency
  • Correct the seasoning and portion the soup
  • Garnish by parsley and cream . Served chilled

Stronganoff de Agneau

It is boneless shredded lamb cooked with Stroganoff sauce and mix veg

Ingredients and quantity

Lamb.             600 gram

Capsicum.      100 gram

Gherkin.         50 gram

Mushroom.    100 gram

Garlic.             30 gram

Espagnole       400 ml

Brown stock.    200 ml

Fresh cream.    50 ml

Seasonings.        TT

Red wine           50 ml

Butter.               50 gram

Green peas.      100 gram

Parsley.              Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Cut the lamb , capsicum and gherkin into julienne cut and Mushrooms into slice
  • Take a pan , add butter , add chop garlic and lamb . Cook for 2/3 minutes then add mushroom and further cook for 2/3 minutes
  • Add brown sauce , brown stock , red wine and seasonings then stir . Cook for 8-10 minutes
  • Now , add capsicum , gherkin and blanched peas then cook for few minutes and add cream of the heat ,mix well
  • Serve and garnish with chop parsley

Riz Carotte

It is butter fried carrot Rice.

Ingredients and quantity

Rice              250 gram

Water           As required

Grated cheese    50 gram

Seasonings.         TT

Butter.           20 gram

Garlic.           20 gram

Parsley.         Garnish

Carrot           Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash the rice several times then, boil the rice untill 90% cooked , then keep aside
  • Heat a fry pan , add butter , fry garlic untill golden brown then add grated carrot and rice and seasonings . Stir fry few seconds
  • Serve Hot with lamb Stroganoff as accompaniment and garnish with parsley

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