Bread Rolls Recipe

 Breads Rolls Recipe

We have seen bread rolls and bread sticks being served in various restaurant as accompaniment / side dishes . They are generally eaten with butter and served on bread basket . Bread sticks are crispy , pencil size baked Product which were originated in Italy. They go very well with soups , salad and pasta. Soups are incomplete without them. 

To make a perfect breadroll and stick is an art. The recipe may varied from person to person . If you are making them at home I suggest the following recipe :-

Ingredients and quantity

Ap Flour                 1 kg

Salt.                         25 gram

Sugar                     100 gram

Egg.                         2  no.s

Butter.                   100 gram

Yeast.                      25 gram

Vanilla essence.         10 gram

Milk powder.             50 gram

Warm water              450 ml

Methods of Preparation :

  • Pre- heat the oven at 200 °c
  • In a bowl , mix dry ingredients first - flour , salt , sugar , yeast , milk powder and mix it together
  • Now , add wet ingredients - butter ,  vanilla essence , egg and mix well. 
  • Add water , knead to form dough
  • Keep dough cover with muslin cloth or towel to let it rise

  • Make it a roll and placed in oil grease tray
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes on tray , brush it with egg wash 
  • Sprinkle sesame seed and bake for 15-20 minutes

For Bread Stick :

  • Add carom seed ( jwano) in dough and knead it. 
  • Shape in stick shape , brush oil and bake 15 minutes.

Chef Note : No matter what you are Cooking , always pre-heat the oven . Similarly , always mix dry ingredients first then add wet ingredients.  Moreover, weight the ingredients first  at approx quantity.

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