Why Hospitality Managers Need to understand Maslow Hierarchy need Theory?

Human needs are unlimited, people always have needs and when one need is relatively fulfilled ,others emerge in a predictable sequence similarly, this needs tends to follow a basic hierarchical pattern from basic needs to highest . Untill the most basic needs are fulfilled ,people will not try to meet his higher level needs. This is the main assumption of Maslow Hierarchy need Theory and every hospitality managers need to understand this theory for perfect managerial operations. 

We all know management is the Art of getting things done through others . It is a process of managing human resource along with non-human resources so for the perfect management of human resource every managers should have knowledge and understand Maslow Hierarchy theory. 

Well , managers have Authority and now a question may arise? Why Maslow when you have Authority! The answer is simple because leading through leadership and participation is far better than leading through Authority. Managers need to understand employee to gain maximum outcome/output from him. 

Maslow has classified needs of people in five group which still implies and helps manager to understand needs though Human needs are unlimited and one or more than one needs can be felt at a same time. Let's talk about physiological need - well they are basic needs essential to survive . Why do people work? Obviously to survive in a simple language . Hospitality managers need to fulfilled this needs by providing good working environment and adequate salary to employees. Untill this need is fulfilled people cannot be motivated a dash also. A sense of belongness automatically starts to flourished in people mind and heart of this needs are understood by managers and fulfilled . Similarly, safety/security needs are also very vital . Management need to fulfill this needs by providing stable job and retirement benefit. So why security needs? because no one can give his best unless he is out of fear . A person cannot be motivated if he have fear and it also degrades the working environment no matter how hard you try for good working environment. Now let's talk about social needs; which is affection, sense of belonging , friendship. Man is a social creature by birth and social needs are very vital. Hospitality cannot be run like bureaucracy way with strict Chan of command . It requires certain interaction to motivate directly by managers for optimum performance of employees. Now , it's time to talk two higher needs which are Ego needs and self Actualization needs. In simple , ego needs consists of self respect, status, recognition and self Actualization consists of desire of becoming what one is capable of . Nevertheless, managers should not forget this needs of people in organization. He have to evaluate people performance and should try increasing his productivity to maximum output level. If managers failed at this level it will create negative impact upon organization and staff turnover automatically will increase. managers should know to respect their employee job andgive them duties and responsibilities what they are capable of with proper promotion, job titles e.t.c

People need directs their behaviour which every hospitality managers needs to understand. They can also motivate their employees with this needs . No matter ,how well educated or uneducated the manager is he should have knowledge about Maslow Hierarchy need Theory to achieve maximum output and productivity.  He should try to understand need of employees and should give their needs priority for long term prosperity of the organization because unless the employees are happy and satisfied they cannot satisfy the guest. Only satisfied, motivated and happy employee can give quality and helps to maintain it in Hospitality operations.

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