Understanding Feedbacks In Hospitality Industry and ways to Deal With Reviews

Understanding Feedbacks In Hospitality Industry and ways to  Deal With Reviews

Hospitality industry is one of the largest industry in world that mainly includes travel & tourism, recreation ,lodging and food & beverage sectors. It contributes significantly in economy of any country both directly or indirectly. Millions of people are working/engaged in hospitality industry since from decades.

Customer service is backbone in hospitality. People are paying a lot of money for services and services being heterogeneous may not be able to satisfy all guests the same. If your provided service don't meet expectations of people your business is going to suffer. Feedback are common Practices in hospitality industry to measure satisfaction of guests and ensure our services are matching their expectations. It generally arise due to satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers.

Feedback is the return information about product and services which tells about experience. Feedbacks are everywhere. They are the mirror of your property which reflects your standing in competitive business world.

Feedback are very much important. More than 90% People check feedback before their stay or reservation. People will also be willing to spend more if there is good words of mouth or positive feedback to particular business thus, your business reputation will also be increased. People will less likely to stay where negative feedback is prevailing and very common. 

Feedback can be converted into opportunities . It can be used to promote sales so, It will be very wise idea to get as many feedbacks as possible. They are very much valued in hospitality industry and business properties are spending significant revenue for Feedback. They are even offering free rewards packages or discount for providing feedbacks. 

we will see survey forms , email , mobile application, website or feedback software in every hotel now days as a mean to collect feedback. It can actually measure customer Satisfaction. It will also help to initiate required change. Similarly, it's the best way for customer relation improvement along with retention. Hotel staffs also can be more serious About service.  The ultimate one Being building reputation. 

However, there are many wrong practises regarding feedback. Many hotels and service providers try to collect feedback during checkout. The best way to collect feedback is during guest stay. Some even hide negative feedback and show only positive ones. Remember, you are not god , you are human and there can be mistake in service. 

Feedback are generally three types. It can be either positive , neutral or negative. Positive feedback have 5 star , while neutral 3-4 stars. Similarly, negative feedback has 1-2 stars. They should all be handled with care and immediate response.

If your services satisfy guests/customers then positive feedbacks are possible. While, if they are both satisfied and dissatisfied at a same time neutral feedback are common. Negative feedback only occurs if you provide totally bad experience to customer.

One should never ignore feedback. You should try to prove that you care for your guests and you are constantly trying to improve their expectations from you. Special attention is required in case of negative feedback. You should show how much you value your customers and accept the criticism. Never argue with guest because he is always right!!

Quality is not a one time process. It is a continuous process and Required significant change over time as preferences not remain same all the time so, it will be very much beneficial to remain up-to-date with time and technology. Feedback is the tool which provide you ways to change. We cannot avoid mistakes but we can convert mistakes into learning opportunities. 

Feedback should be brought into action. Apology and thank you is not what your customers expect from feedback. He should be convinced that what actions are being taken and how it happened. Similarly, he should also be ensured such thing will not happen from now on. 

You have to remain transparent and show all positive, negative and neutral feedbacks. Let other see it and highlight the positive ones. It will improve your customer experience and lead your business to the next level. Convert criticism into opportunities and find way to move on. Remember , feedback are not destroying your business but ignoring them will destroy your business. 

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