Evolution of Technology and Amenities In Hospitality Industry

Evolution of Technology and Amenities In Hospitality Industry

Evolution of Technology and Amenities In Hospitality Industry

Technology never remains the same. It is constantly growing up. Hospitality Industry ranks at number one in the use of new technology and Innovation. we often see endless use of new technology's to improve guest satisfaction and to increase efficiency.

Technology has a direct significance in the Hospitality Industry. We have seen a tremendous evolution of technology in past decades.  More importantly, the Internet has brought a rebellion in this sector bringing it a mode to trusting the brand and fulfilling all necessity. 

The beginning of New, era has entered in Hospitality Industry after extravagance started to blend in, which brought personalization of experience and digitalization of services. 

New technologies are reshaping how service is provided and received in the Hospitality Industry. Advancement of State-of-the-art technology has completely changed the service platform and have become the spine for Hospitality establishments.

Evolution of Technology and Amenities In Hospitality Industry

We have progressed extremely far, from radio in guest rooms to voice-controlled Artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa. As Necessity is Mother of all invention, the Hospitality industry is continuously glorifying themselves to meet with changing behaviour and expectations from the customer. 

Centuries ago people used to stay in a lodging house and private home. As stagecoach expedition was common more priority was given to wealthy travellers having their private stagecoach who were given a special room. There was no Menu. The customer had no choice for food and bargaining power. 

 In (1927), the first hotel room radio becomes available in every guestroom. With reservation being made by letters it was complete chaos. Later, travel agents started acting as a bridge between hotel and guests. The travel agents introduce 'system' and systematic approach but it was also a complete mess as nothing was transparent. Guest gratification was minimum at that time so room service was introduced in early of 1930.

By 1947, the first hotel reservation system was introduced and radio was replaced with television. A sense of luxury commenced thriving across the Hospitality world. The hotels were competing among themselves for extravagance, signatures and reputation. However, they were still unable to meet expectations from guests as expectations were different than a luxury; more personalized service, care, attention and "Home away from home".

With the increments of female travellers, both middle-class and high status, Room service was made available for 24 hours in 1969. Nine years after the establishment of Minibar, soap, shampoo. 

There was no guestroom telephone till 1986. However, the early '80s brought a remarkable revolution in the Hospitality Industry with electronic key Card and use of credit card. The Use of computers and the Internet was developing throughout the world so the vast change was seen in the year of 1994/1995 when first Hotel website was launched on the internet. The customer now can see a property online with the help of internet.

Evolution of Technology and Amenities In Hospitality Industry

WiFi was made available in every hotel around the world for guests in 2003. The use of smartphone slowly expanded due to which hotel started launching mobile hotel application. The first mobile hotel app for guest service was launched in 2009.

All services were made accessible through mobile application gradually with time and Hospitality Industry become a 'smart world'. We now see very advance technology with invisible, voice-controlled A. I service.

The main causes of the evolution of technology in the 20th century was "mass tourism". Name your price, Pricing model was introduced too and people were able to compare rates among different hotel. We cannot forget the contribution made by Expedia and sabre for hotel, airlines, car booking. Till now they are operating on referral commission.

We can see the rapid growth of online Reservation system. presently, More than 80% of bookings in the hotel are made through the reservation while more than 50% of travellers correlate rates among different hotels before reservation. People are also constantly looking for more Amenities in the hotel.

Evolution of Technology and Amenities In Hospitality Industry

Reviews and feedback form an important part to trust the class. we will see the use of survey forms email, mobile application, website or feedback software in every hotel nowadays as a mean to collect feedback. It can measure Customer Satisfaction. It will also help to initiate the required change. Similarly, it's the best way for customer relation improvement along with retention. Hotel staffs also can be more serious About service. The ultimate one Being building reputation.

We can say the use of technology and Amneties has reached to next phase. With voice-controlled service, L.E.D smart television, AC, full minibar, artificial intelligence, invisible check-in and check-out and property management system. 

The hotels are dependent on the property management system. Property management system or PMS is also known as Hotel operating system is a software application for the operation of hospitality accommodation. It is mainly used by hotels to control property activities like reservation, availability of Rooms, occupancy Management and check-in/out. The first PMS in hospitality industry appeared on the market in the 1970s. However, it became widely available in the 1980s. PMS also facilitates the administrative tasks of a hotel. PMS is connected with Hotel point of sales for accurate and timely information. 

PMS replaced paper-pen format by helping the hotel to maintain it's most important resources throat ugh computerised system. It also helps in Hotel inventory management and connects back of the House with the front of the house. It is the nerve centre of hotel operation which helps Hotels to run efficiently by organizing schedules. PMS is used by the general manager, front desk staff, Housekeeping staff, point of the sales staff.

Hotels are now more than Accommodation and give-and-take. A typical standard guestroom consists of various contents and supplies. Let's talk about this in brief- 

In the bathroom, there is w.c (washing cistern), vanity area, sanitary bin and bathtub. It is provided with shampoos, conditioner, moisturizer, bath towels, face towels, bath mat, shower cap, shaving kit, dental floss, soap and glasses e.t.c

There are a single bed and side to it there is a side table where lamp, telephone, paper and pen we can see clearly. The drawers of the table may have a feedback form, emergency light.

There is also coffee chair and tables, waste paper basket, writing tables, television rack, luggage rack and wardrobe simultaneously. Always a television rack is presented opposite to the bed.

Bed:- it is the main element of the guest room now. The bed is comfortable and have a comfortable pillow, mattress. Each bed contain one mattress, one blanket, mattress protector, pillow two, bed cover one. 

Bedside table:- There is a bedside table on the headboard side of the bed which height is equal to the height of the bed. It consists of a telephone, writing pad, ball pen, Candle or torchlight, room service menu.

Coffee table:- it contains ashtray and chair, matchbox cups.

Waste paper basket:- it is for disposal of wastage and can be of metal or plastic. 

Writing Table:- there is a lamp, ashtray, thermos, writing paper, ball pen .it also have a drawer which contains an envelope, laundry bag, guest comments card, envelope

Television Rack:- Television rack is located opposite to the guest bed. There is also drawer with light snacks and minibar which contains alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in a small amount so guest can refresh themselves. Beers, mineral water are loaded in the refrigerator of the minibar.

Luggage rack:- It is for putting luggage and mostly made of wood. 

Wardrobe:- It is a large cupboard for hanging clothes and for keeping the safe deposit. There is hangers, extra blanket, laundry bag, sewing kit and safe deposit locker. It is attached on the wall. 

Thus, we can see how the Hospitality Industry- A key driver of the world economy has evolved in term of technology and Amenities. The hospitality industry is inseparable from technology and Amenities.

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