How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health

How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health?

How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health

Game is the meat of hunted birds and wild animals. It is flesh of any wild animals or bird. Game meat has less fat than poultry and is cooked in same as farmed meat however it is very rich in flavour . It is spit roasted, slow cooked to get best flavour. 

Games are classified as either small games or big games depending on their size. There are more than 100 of animals killed for eating. Rabbit , porcupine, duck , rabbit, venison are very common example of games.

Wild game meats are becoming increasingly popular on dinner tables and restaurant menus, not only due to their lower fat and cholesterol content, but also because they are easy to cook. More and more people are trying exotic wild game meats like alligator meat, Python and even rattlesnake meat.

Without any doubts, it is also the healthiest meat on the planet. All wild game animals eat plants that have zero chemicals on them and drink from natural water sources in forest. And when compared to beef, chicken or pork there's no comparison. They have the purest protein meat on the planet.

How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health

The first step in enjoying wild game meats is understanding how to cook them properly. Overcooking is the biggest mistake people make. Because these meats are so lean, medium rare is best. I recommend searing, the process of using high heat for a short period of time, or slow simmering. Either way, you will find wild game meats to be a delicious and healthy addition to your dinner menu.

How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health

Wild game meats are just like any red or white meat. If you like marinating meats before cooking, feel free. The only limit is your creativity. Use the exact same marinades as any traditional meats.

As for the actual cooking process, the major factor is not overcooking. Red meats like buffalo, elk, ostrich and kangaroo are extremely lean. Therefore, just like any very lean meat, they are best prepared to medium rare, cooked through. Let's talk about another popular game- venison

The term venison applies to deer meat , elk meat and reindeer meat. The best cut is from loin area.

Venison or wild game tends to be lower in fat than beef because of their natural green diet and the fact that they are very active in the wild. One misconception about "organic" meat is we assume the animals are allowed to roam free. Sadly, this is not always the case. There is no doubt about the "free range" of wild game.

Eating greens in the wild also contributes to a lower content of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and a higher content of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for heart and brain health. The feeding of corn and grain to farm animals not only increases the total fat content but also the omega-6 fatty acid content, neither one of which are good for your health. Grass-fed beef or bison have similar increased omega-3 fatty acid content making them healthier than grain fed beef. A three ounce serving of venison has 133 calories and one gram of fat per ounce. Elk specifically, derives only 22% of the meat energy from fat, as compared with 33% for beef.

Venison is low in cholesterol, and the ratio of polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fatty acids is higher than in conventional red meats.

How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health

Wild game meat has long provided hunters with an excellent source of protein. A 100 gram of serving of venison contains about 22 grams of protein and a 100 gram serving of buffalo contains about 24 grams of protein. This about the same as a chicken drumstick, slightly less than a chicken breast, and higher than the same size serving of beef. Venison also has less cholesterol per serving than chicken.

With growing concerns about over-consumption of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, you can rest assured a venison steak won't contain antibiotics or contribute to the proliferation of super-bugs. There are also no added growth hormones or scary fillers.

This type of meat contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B complex. It is richer in iron, niacin, and B vitamins than commercial meats. These nutrients are essential for proper metabolism and healthy maintenance of tissue and nerves. 

Additionally, venison also contains around 5 to 6 grams of calcium,and it is also high in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. These minerals are essential for nerve development, cardiovascular health, and proper regulation of blood serum cholesterol.

Since it is low in fat be careful not to over cook it so you don't dry it out. Most cuts will cook the same as beef, they just won't take quite as long. Marinating and some seasoning will enhance the flavor if you need it. Steaks and chops are excellent spread with olive oil, seasoned to taste with seasoning salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you like and cooked on the barbecue grill.

How Eating Wild Game Benefits your Health

Another health benefit of wild game is the fact you have to go hunting to get it. Hunting is a great form of exercise and just being out in the mountains is good for your body and soul!

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