Australian and New Zealand Cuisine in brief

Australian and New Zealand Cuisine

Australia produce wide variety of fishes and Marvellous beef, lamb. Aborigines being native here, Australian cuisine don't have much distinct history since, roasting kangaroo was common (spit roasted kangaroo). Australian meals have meat, fish or shellfish as their main ingredients. The most popular dish is Melba peache(Escoffier contribution to Melba). Good wines are produced here, so dishes are accompanied by wine and cooked in wine. Roast lamb is their national food. 

The cuisine of New Zealand shares similarity with Australian cuisine. We can see Maori influence and British influence in New Zealand Cuisine with the traditional way being cooking meat, fish and root vegetables in earth oven (hole dug in ground). Kiwi fruits and tree tomatoes are common here. More priority is given on seasonal food and local Ingredients. Similarly, New zealand is also largest exporter of wine so, wine culture is common here. More than 60% of population drink beer.  In summer barbecue is common which is a mean to entertain and conduct social gathering. Now we can see more variation in cuisine due to immigration influence by which fusion cuisine are getting popular.

Some Popular Australian and New Zealand Food

Rock oysters: popular edible molluscs found on Australian seashores which are often grilled or poached.

Billy Tea: Tea made in Billy metal can which is cooked in open fire. There is wire handle and tight fitting lid. 

Meat pie: pie made of minced meat.

Kangaroo steak: usually the loin area of kangaroo fillets are used and cooked by using dry heat Medium. 

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