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Scotch Egg

Velouté de champignons

Poulet Roti au sauce espagnole

Jardiniere des legumes

Note: The following recipe of for 4 no. Of pax and please write it down in standard recipe format. 

Scotch egg

Ingredients and quantity

Hard boiled eggs            4.nos

Garlic chopped               1 teaspoon

Onion chopped.              1 tablespoon

Seasonings.                      TT

Minced meat.                  500 grams

Eggs.                                 3 nos.

Bread crumbs.               100 gram

Flour                               100 grams

Celery.                             15 gram

Methods of preparation:

  • Mix chopped ingredients with minced meat and add seasonings, egg white raw
  • Mix it thoroughly and cover hard boiled egg with the minced meat. Hold it firmly
  • Now, coat the egg covered minced meat in seasoned flour, dip it in beaten eggs and in breadcrumb.
  • Deep fry it in pre-heated oil till golden brown
  • Garnish by parsley chopped.

Velouté des champignons

Ingredients and quantity

Butter.                   80 gram

Flour                      40 gram

Oil                           50 ml

Mushrooms          400 gram

Thyme.                   Half teaspoon

Vegetable stock     750 ml

Egg yolk                 3 nos.

Cream                    100 ml

Pepper                    TT

Salt.                         TT

Bread                      2 slice

butter                     15 gram

Thyme                    2 gram

Methods of preparation:

  • Wash and trim the inedible part of mushroom stems and drain well then, slice it. 
  • Heat the skillet,add some oil and add sliced mushrooms to saute it. 
  • Add some thyme and season it. 
  • Puree the mushrooms with some stock and keep aside.
  • Melt butter in a thick bottom flour, add flour and prepare blond roux. 
  • Add the vegetable stock to the roux and mix well to prevent lumps. 
  • Add puree of mushroom to velouté sauce and add additional stock to maintain consistency.
  • Being it to boil and simmer
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Strain the soup
  • Finish with liasion if required.

For crouton 

  • Cut the edge of bread and cut into 1.5 cm dices. 
  • Add the dices into mixing bowl, add melted butter and sprinkle some thyme with some seasoning
  • Mix well and arrange in tray and put it in slow heat for few minutes till the bread dices get toasted. 
Poulet Roti Au sauce Espagnole

Ingredients and quantity

Whole chicken             1 nos
Carrots.                          100 gram
Onions.                          100 gram
Leeks                              50 gram
Celery.                            50 gram
Turnips.                        100 gram
Bouquet garni.             Few

Methods of preparation:

  • Chicken Should be thoroughly cleaned and patted dry with kitchen towel.
  • Marinate it with salt, pepper, Worcester sauce and thyme.
  • Stuff the roughly cut vegetables with bouquet garni and lemon wedges and truss it. 
  • Place chicken on the top of bed of mirepoix
  • Apply melted butter with the help of brush. 
  • Put it into pre-heated oven for 1.5 hours
  • Insert meat thermometer on thickest part of chicken thigh without touching bone. When chicken is done, the meat thermometer will have record of 180 degree Celsius
  • Ensure basting your chicken regularly in every 15/20 minutes with fat and juices that have accumulated in roasting tin
  • Loosely cover the breast with aluminium foil if chicken is browning too quick during cooking. 
  • When properly cooked, remove the chicken from oven and leave it to rest for 15-20 minutes on carving board to allow juice to settle. 
Jardiniere des legumes

Ingredients and quantity

Carrot.                 75 gram
Green beans.      75 gram
Turnips               75 gram
Butter                  40 gram
Salt                        TT
Pepper.                 TT
Basil.                     2 leaves

Methods of preparation:

  • Wash, peel and cut vegetables into jardiniere
  • Blanch the vegetables
  • Melt the butter in a pan and add blanched vegetables to saute. 
  • Season it with salt and pepper
  • Add some shredded basil leaves.

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