Hotel Manager- Passive Job Description

Hotel Manager- Passive Job Description

The job of hotel manager cannot be executed in the 9 to 5 time frame. It continues way beyond all time restrictions till the goals are achieved, over and over again. The duties and responsibilities of hotel manager have been further diversified. So, one need to know basic job description and at least some passive function of manager if you are managing the property.

It is important to be aware of a job description for positions when applying for a job. It is also essential that applicants submit personalized resumes for a particular company with a cover letter.

Hotel managers may have a variety of job descriptions available depending on the hotel or the recruitment company. 

Generally, the main responsibility of  hotel manager is to monitor the daily operations of a hotel together with a management team, he have to co-ordinate with all departments. it is the hotel manager's task to plan, organize and direct the services offered by the hotel which includes both operational and functional departments by developing plans to maximize profits and both guest and employee satisfaction. He should look closely to the details and also manage people as "management is the art of doing things from the people."

Aside from managing procedures inside the hotel, managing finances and budget status of the hotel in the industry is also important. Thus, marketing plans is also part of a manager's job. He should be able to strategize to achieve the profit goals set by the people in the higher level of the organizational chart( BOD). Recruitment and training of staff are also sometimes part of the manager's job. Lastly, it is also a manager's responsibility to be the person directly in contact with the customers. He should be a good listener and should understand customer. 

There are a lot of tasks assigned to a hotel manager that applicants must be able to do multiple tasks with ease. He should also have a lot of knowledge regarding running hotels and the different procedures that are related to managing a hotel. A degree in management and a lot of experience will definitely help an applicant to do the required job and is foremost qualification required. 

He should very thorough in operating systems of key revenue producing areas like the accommodation, food and beverage and recreation. I don't like to call departments like business center, laundry, telephones and other similar as minor revenue areas as managers always pay minor attention to a minor revenue stream, these department also consume hotel budget so it's you who have to make sure the budget is being utilised wisely. It is a fact that while the revenue from recreation and services areas may be less that other areas, let's not forgets that this revenue has a potential of contributing over 50% as departmental contribution.

The next major skill and knowledge need of a good hotel manager is marketing. The general manager has to be an expert marketer more than anything else. He should have a solid grip on the market dynamics in his city and location, must know his competition on his tips. Unless he has this knowledge it will be futile to expect the desired results. While he will have a qualified and experienced sales and marketing functional head under him, his ability to guide and advise him should be unquestioned. I have come across a number of hotels where the manager assumes the responsibility of this important function upon himself. Sound marketing skills in the manager of the hotel will reflect in the soundness of hotel's marketing plan.

Having talked about operations and marketing, let us turn our attention to another important skill set required of a result oriented hotel manager. He should have a good knowledge of hotel finance and accounting functions. He should appreciate that this knowledge will become his biggest secret weapon for effective, efficient and profitable operations. I personally believe that numbers tell the story. They don't need any elaborations. His ability to analyze and interpret the results and above all to take immediate steps to ensure that operations and marketing initiate actions that will make them stay on course will demonstrate the depth of his knowledge. Knowledge about Profit, survival, growth is very vital. 

There was a time when we saw the hotel manager walking around, talking to guests, workers, giving instructions to the functional heads and so on with hardly any time to concentrate of his core function. Today things have changed drastically. You sense presence of the manager by an immaculately kept and maintained property, profitable, efficient and crisp operations because the manager has re mastered the art of delegation.

Also, now the managers should need sound knowledge on sustainable development and going green because Hotels are taking into consideration the environmental aspects with a motto - "Going Green!" believe me, you have to change with time. For instance, Let's talk some examples,

Some essentials way of Going green are:

- Energy Management with regard to efficiency of the building and measures taken for conservation.

- Preparation of food: A green hotel provides the guests with options of vegetarian and organic food.

- proper waste management.

- Going digital.

- Reduce the plastic use.

- use rechargeable batteries and amenities

- plant trees around hotel

- Focus on efficiency

Other than the above mentioned areas, another area is Waste Management which should include 3R's namely- Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.

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