Introduction To Customer Relationship Management

Introduction To Customer Relationship Management

Do you know multi-national companies across the world are investing billions of dollars annually to create a solid customer Relationship base? Do you think is that a necessity? Why are they spending such hefty amount annually on customer relationship? Well, in this article I am going to answer all these in simple & brief!!

Customer service is the backbone in any industry as People are paying a lot of money for your product and service. If your provided products and services doesn't meet expectations of people/the buyer your business is going to suffer.

To draw the maximum number of customers, nowadays various businesses adopt different strategies and tools that are customer oriented. Known commonly as CRM-Customer Relation Management, they are an effective technique of generating sales through different medium in today's dynamic environment. However, the concept of CRM has emerged back in early of 1970's.

A well devised customer relations management will ensure that different aspects related to customers are taken proper care. Different factors like understanding customer, understanding their wants and needs, their timely changing demands which ultimately help the business serve customers in a better method, a better way where customer is treated as God!

Customer relationship management, or CRM also refers to reliable systems, processes, and procedures that allow companies to better manage customer relationships. It is a corporate level strategy that focuses on creating and maintaining effective communication with its customers.

A successful customer relationship plan can manage all business-related operations and interactions with customers simultaneously. It often includes special software programs, called CRM programs, which helps companies in tracking and organizing their customer particularly by acting as a base between sales representatives, sales managers, and the customers they serve.

Thus, we can say, CRM is a software. The philosophy behind it; is to enable a customer to deal with the company in a trouble-free manner with a strategy to preserve long-term relations with customers. CRM improves relationships between customers and companies because it allows a company to meet the needs of the customer by keeping track of their interests and improving products and services accordingly.

CRM systems compile data from a range of different communication channels, including a company's website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials and more recently, social media. They allow businesses to learn more about their target audiences and how to best cater for their needs, thus retaining customers and driving sales growth. CRM may be used with past, present or potential customers.

You can improve, manage and reform your customer relationship goal simply by:

  • Providing product information and support via a hotline or a website. This would allow customers to better use and understand specific products or services, and get any technical answers they need.

  • Implementing a mechanism to quickly schedule and manage follow-up sales calls and create clear, well-built information and channels of communication like toll-free number e.t.c

  • Creating a simple, easy and intuitive user interface that is friendly to all. Thus, even those who feel uncomfortable using a computer could easily go online and check out statistics and other information.

  • Devising a quick system for correcting service problems before they affect other customers, answering customer questions or complaints, and handling any other problems that might arise.

If the company implements customer relationship management technology

program for a specific product, they can track how much the customer uses the product and how much they repurchase it, allowing the company to grow and adapt the product to the customer's needs.

Moreover, It can also increase customer loyalty, decrease the customer turnover rate, decrease marketing costs, and increase revenue and profits. Essentially, it greatly improves the way your company and sales representatives or other professionals do business with customers.

A good and easy CRM I suggest you is to follow up with your visitors/ customers  through emails. You can ask for the visitor's e-mail address  before they buy anything from you by offering something for free to make them sign up and when you have a list of email addresses you can send out information about your products. The visitors that have left your website will now get information from you and will maybe come back to buy later if your product is a market success. You can also send free information to build a good relationship which will also help you to get feedback on a regular basis. In every industry Feedback can be converted into opportunities as It will help to initiate required change. Similarly, it's also the best way for customer relation improvement along with retention.

Thus, Implementing an effective and efficient customer relationship management system is the best way to increase consumer confidence in your product or service and stay in touch with your customers, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your product or service.

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