Cleaning of Vacated Room and Vacant Room

All the Cleaning task for occupied room apply to Cleaning of Vacated Room but some more task you have to remember like

1. The room is vacated so you don't have to knock like in occupied room.

2. Wipe out drawer and check for any items left by guest who have departed.

3. Check whether maintenanec work Is needed.

4. Damp dust the whole room, it's contents and supplies.

5. Disinfectant the floor, bath tub , shower

6. Re - plenish everything in bathroom which is opened . Just throw everything that is used.

7. Also disinfect toilet seat

(Note :- just remember to clean occupied room and add little more cleaning activities for vacated room, mostly damp dusting the content and supplies and disinfecting various surface )

The term vacated and vacant Room are same quietly. The only difference is vacant Room is earlier serviced when last guest departed but it has to be clean before giving to new guest. Just dry dust the rooms and dry mop the floor before giving it to guest. Clean thoroughly if it is not clean for long time.

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