Outlets of Food and Beverage Department In a Hotel

Food and beverage items are sold through outlet.  Food and beverage outlets are point of sales of food and beverage items. The outlets of  food and beverage is headed by outlet manager and prepared according to hotel policy, size , service and menu offered.

The outlets of food and beverage department are :-

1. Restaurant
2. Bar
3. Banquet
4. Pub
5. Room service
6. Kiosk

1. Restaurant :-

The term restaurant is derived from French word 'Restaurer' which meant to restore. Restaurant are commercial establishments that serve food and beverage in exchange for money.  Meals are generally served and eaten on premise or taken away. Different varieties of Cuisine are prepared and served. Types of restaurant in hotel are :-

  • Coffee shop :- coffee shop opens 24 hour . It offers hot beverage along with light snacks. Both in - house and non - residential guest are served . It is the second highest revenue earning outlet in food and beverage department. 

  • Specialty restaurant :-  It offers any special cuisine . They are decorated and theme according to type of cuisine served. Every large hotel have at least one specialty restaurant and serve both A la carte and Table d' hote menu.

  • Grill rooms :-  It serves Grilled  poultry , fish , meats. It have glass partition so food are prepared in full view of customer. The guest can choose his cuts of meat and the sizzle, aroma of grilled meat also adds pleasure of eating.

  • Discotheque :- It is called Night club . It have attractive lightings , high music which is driven by Disco jockey. It is mainly for dancing and drinking. It attracts young customer but have age restrictions.

  • Fast food outlets :- fast food restaurant offer fast service of food items. The menu are not so expensive and less manpower is required. Food is either eaten or taken away. 

  • Multi cuisine restaurant :- It serves more than one country cuisine.  One restaurant serves all meal and different cuisines. The rates are not so expensive and service depends on menu and time of day

2. Bar :- The word Bar is derived from the American word ' Barrier ' which meant wall. It is the place where all kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are served along with some light snacks. Drinks are served by bartender.
The types of bar are :

  • Dispense bar :- it is located in hotel premises. The guest are not allowed to consume the drinks . It only takes order from other outlets and serve them . It is located in back of the house 

  • Public bar :- It is located in public area of hotel with sitting arrangement. It provide service to both in - house guests and non - residential guest. It is also called Lobby bar

  • Mini bar :- The mini bar is smallest of all bar. It is set up in the guest room . The beverage are placed in small refrigerator inside Guestroom. It contain both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage.

  • Mobile bar :- It is trolley bar which can be moved from one place to another with in hotel. The trolley is equipped with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

3. Banquet :- It is the highest revenue earning outlet in food and beverage department. It caters food and beverage to volume of person i.e large volume of people for different Function.  Banquet halls are well decorated and have very aesthetic look.

4. Pub :-  The concept of pub is borrowed from public houses in England. A pub serves Beverage items and simple food. The traditional pubs  were primarily concerned with drinking establishment. Modern pubs business relies on food also. It has a large selection of beers and ales on tap.

5. Room service :- Room service provides provision of food and beverage in the house / room of guests. It Function found the clock i.e 24 hours in big hotels. The menu is simple but it is expensive. The guest is to be informed immediately if the preparation time is going to take longer than stated time 

6. Kiosks :- kiosks are stalled opened for specific items like chocolate, ice cream and soft drinks. They are generally located in the side of shopping mall ,parks.

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