Burger and Sandwich

A sandwich is a food item consisting of one or more than one types of food normally placed in between slices of bread. The filling is made of vegetables, cheese , egg , meat , chicken , fish and shellfish. Butter , mayonnaise or cream is used as spread on bread. One day old bread is preferred for sandwiches though fresh bread is tastier because fresh bread is difficult to cut. Sandwich are accompany by French fry  , shredded lettuce and julienne carrots.

Store sandwich in cool place till require but do not refrigerate. It is named after John Montagu. A gambler who used to order cold meat between slices of bread .

Burger are made from bun bread with fillings such as meat , poultry , seafood , vegetables and spread like mayonnaise , butter on bun bread.


1. Plain sandwich :- They are made of two or three slices of bread on which spreaders like mayonnaise are laid with fillings without making them hot . They are accompanied by crunchy food and garnish with salad vegetables. 

2. Toasted sandwich :- Bread are toasted and laid with fillings . Butter is spread between between slice of bread that should be warmed in salamander before laying fillings. They are also cut and shaped in even size , served with crunchy food. e.g club sandwich 

3. Open sandwich :- open sandwich use one kind of bread and have fillings on top . It use single slice of bread with the slice spreaded and filling above spreading.

4. Close sandwich :- fillings are between slice of bread. The bread are also spreaded with Mayonnaise or butter or acidulated cream.


1. Base :- It is where spreader is spread and fillings are kept . Bread slice , Bread rolls 

2. Spread :- It is mayonnaise sauce , butter or acidulated cream

3. Body :- It is the fillings made of various food commodity.

4. Accompaniment :- usually are crispy crunchy food  like French fry and wafer chips , ketch up

5. Garnishes  :- Garnish are for decoration. It is usually done by shredded lettuce , julienne carrot/ cabbage .

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