Dressings | Types of Dressings

Dressings are served usually to all kinds of salad which makes salad colourful , Flavourful , eye appealing and also sour . Dressings are in liquid or semi liquid form  and are made from mixture of oil,  vinegar/ lemon , eggs or cream ,mustard and seasoning. 

Types Of Dressing  :- 

1. Acidulated cream :- 

It is made from mixture of 20 ml cream , 2 ml lemon juice , salt and pepper

2. Vinaigrette dressing :

It is made from three parts olive oil / oil , two parts vinegar , a pinch of mustard powder and salt and pepper.

Vinaigrette dressing have variations :
  • English mustard when used with chopped herbs like parsley , chives , tarragon will make English vinaigrette
  • American or French mustard if used with chopped parsley , chives ,tarragon will make American vinaigrette and French vinaigrette
  • Lemon juice in place of vinegar makes lemon dressing.
3. Mayonnaise :- 

Mayonnaise dressing is also used in various salad as dressing.  Mayonnaise is combined vinegar / lemon juice  , mustard powder and salt pepper.

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