Hygiene | Personal hygiene | Food hygiene | kitchen hygiene

Hygiene is the science and practice of preserving health of people . It is study of health and prevention of disease to avoid any risk of food - borne illness 

Hygiene are divided down in three areas in the catering establishments.

1. Personal hygiene :- Related to person
2. Kitchen hygiene :- Related to kitchen
3. Food hygiene.      :- Related to food


it is study and practice of preventing illness or stopping it from spreading by keeping one self clean. It can be practise by :-
  • Washing hand thoroughly before handling food and ingredients, after using toilet
  • Baths at least twice a week  and use fresh clothes after bath
  • Finger nails should be short and clean . Nail polish should not be worn.
  • Hair should be washed ,trimmed properly and keep covered
  • Mouth ,nose should not be touch with hands
  • Jewellery , watches and rings should not be worn
  • Cuts , burns should be covered 
  • Never cough , sneeze in food.
  • Clothes should be clean while working in kitchen
  • Sick people should not handle food
  • Cosmetic should not be worn
  • Spitting and smoking should be avoided.
2. Food hygiene :-

It is related to food.  Food hygiene can be practiced by :- 
  • Use Tong instead, spoon instead of food
  • Use clean sanitized worktable
  • Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly
  • When bringing food out bring a portion
  • Use pasteurised milk
  • Do not enter hot food directly into cooler
  • Reheat food at 70 degree Celsius
  • Refrigerator should be keep cleaned
  • Never mix left overs with freshly prepared food
  • Never store raw food and cooked food together
  • Use only drinking water
  • Never keep food in Temperature danger zone
  • Use fresh ingredients.
  • Keep food cover
  • Prevent cross contamination.                                                                                                                                   3. KITCHEN HYGIENE :-
It is related to kitchen. Kitchen hygiene is provision of keeping kitchen area and equipments free from dust , germs , bacteria. If kitchen hygiene is not maintain contamination may ocour which can be fatal. Kitchen hygiene can be maintained by:-

  • Printed paper should not be used to cover food .
  • There must be proper ventilation and provision for fresh air circulation
  • Good lightening is very essential.
  • There should be provision of both hot and cold water
  • Proper drainage system
  • Wall should be clean ,free of dirts
  • There should be non- slippery floor 
  • Use different chopping board for different foods.
  • Separate sink for dish wash ,hand wash  ,fruits and vegetables wash.
Hygiene should always be maintained properly and professionally in hospitality industry.  Any fatal incidents can results closure of property.


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