Briefing | De-briefing

Briefing is important small meeting conducted before starting of the service between Management and staff. Briefing must be held between any functional Activities. The senior of the department gives required instructions and information to the junior staff and also observes their punctuality, grooming, hygiene.It is generally conducted after mis-en-place and before the opening of the restaurant. 

  • Briefing helps the staff to work as a Team

  • Two way communication is facilitated which also helps to solve problem faced by staff and clear any doubts.

  • Various institutions are conveyed like special of the house , VIP in the house , reserved table, Non available items, Knowledge about menu, Accompaniment served, new rules,change, Type of function, use of Equipment,service type, techniques.

It is small meeting conducted at the end of work shift to appraise the work and plan next day . It mainly helps to give direct feedback with what went wrong and what went well . In de - briefing, generally feedback of operation are performed, revenue collection, Hygiene and safety measure follow up, problem faced , guest satisfaction, comments , feedback of guest and how can the error be corrected the next time. De-briefing is post evaluation  session after work generally for question answer session among manageme and staff.

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