Everything You Need To Know About American Express and American Express Card

 Everything You Need To Know About American Express and American Express Card

American Express, also abbreviated as Amex is the third-largest e-payment company after Visa and Mastered. The world e-payment is dominated by these three companies. American Express was established in 1850 as a freight and mail service company in Buffalo, New York. However, it expanded its service very sooner to the financial sector which brought it a very huge success. 

The American Express offers business cards, personal card, corporate cards, traveller's cheque and gifts-card to its users. Being a multinational financial service corporation this firm has Assets over 200 billion dollars and offers employment to nearly 75000 people. American Express is regarded as one of the top 20 valuable brands in the world. 

This brand is known for its extensive 24/7 customer service and redemption reward. One can earn points when spending every single dollar which can be later redeemed for a free hotel stay, free flights, gift cards or charity donation. 

It has been known from a study that every American owns a debit card & credit card. There are more than 130 million Amex cardholder whose annual transaction cross over trillions of dollars.

This company is also regarded as one of the best employer brand and best employer for women by Forbes Magazine. It is affiliated with Global Merchant Network or Global Consumer service group. However, it is still behind Visa and MasterCard. 

In the personal care segment, it offers American express Gold card, American Express Blue card, American Express Platinum card and American express Green card. The security code is three digits in the back side, right to signature box in visa while the security code is four digits in front of the card above card number in case of American Express.

The annual fee for Gold card is 250$. It is the best option for a customer who loves shopping and enjoys to dine in various restaurants. You can earn membership reward point of 60,000 in the gold card after spending 4000$ within 6 months of the purchasing card. Similarly, American express blue cash everyday card is also the most preferred card by minors. The yearly charge is free & it helps in earning cashback. American express blue cash card is the best option when compared with American express blue cash everyday card as it offers even more cashback with an annual fee of 95$. The first year fee is even free.

American express charges 550$ as an annual fee for platinum card and give you 75,000 Membership point rewards when $5000 spent within 3 months of issue of the card. The better the category of card, the higher will be annual fees & the higher points will be earned. 

American Express Green card charges 150 $ as annual fees and will give you 45000 membership reward points when 2000$ is spent within 6 months of issue of the card. 

American Express Business Card 

In business segments, American Express offers a Business credit card with name Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express card. It charges an annual fee of 125$ and offers 1 lakh Marriott Bonus points after 5000$ used in purchase at Marriott Bonvoy hotels. The best thing about this card is it gives 6x membership reward points for each dollar spent at Marriott Bonvoy hotels.

American Express Corporate card 

Incorporate segment it offers corporate green card, corporate Gold card and Corporate Platinum card. A green card is mainly used by occasional travellers while frequent business travellers use gold card under this segment. A senior executive of business use platinum corporate card. For frequent Travellers in American Airlines, there is a separate card known by ' Business extra corporate card ' where one can get flight discounts, hotel discounts and VIP American Airlines lounge in Airport.

American Express Gift card 

You don't have to pay any extra annual fees after the purchase of this card and thus cards never expire, neither the fund in card expired. You can add fund in this card and use. 

American express debit card/pre-paid card 

It is available for free on the register. They will charge you a monthly fee of 7$ if you don't deposit 500$ to the account.

American Express Card is also very easy to apply for, Simply you can apply for the card online with your name, address, Date of birth, street name and social security number. One needs to be very wise & careful while selecting for a credit card or else, it can be a burden for you. The card may charge you annual fees, high interest if not paid monthly charges in time. You should also be aware of all hidden charges. 

Amex offers a very high-interest rate in a personal saving account for clients. So, it will be a very wise choice to choose this scheme. 

The gold card was launched in 1966 while the platinum card was launched in 1984. Similarly, in 1987 Optima card was introduced which feature the debts not needed to be fully paid at end of the month. 1994 Optima grace card was the card which discontinued after a few years. 

American express centurion card 

Known as one of the most prestigious credit card ever in the world, this card start operating from 1999 & also known by American Express black card. This is a legend card. Only 15000 people in the world are issued this card. You cannot apply for this card as it is invitation card i.e you are invited for this card by the company itself. Centurion card along with J.P Morgan reserve card, royalty card are superior status base credit card available in the world. Only wealthiest & celebrities owned centurion black card. They will charge you a one-time fee of 7500-10000$ with Annual fee 2500-5000$. The average annual income of a person who owns centurion card is over 2 million and assets more than 20 million dollars. It doesn't have any limits. The most expensive purchase made by American Express centurion card was 30 million $. This kind of credit cards are made of Titanium, anodized titanium crafted and offers numerous prestigious rewards.  

Being a leading American credit card provider Amex earns through annual fees, interest, late fees fines/penalties. Credit cards are to be used differently. They provide ease to perform day to day transaction. At the same time, can be burden also if debts are not made in issued time by the credit card company. You may have to pay a very high interest.

Almost 99% of the American business firm accepts card in America. However, the merchant fees vary and may charge high if Cross-platform is used to swap cards. This is the reason, American Express is not accepted everywhere like Visa and MasterCard. All credit card issuers charge a fees/ interchange fee. While others may charge between 1-2 %, Amex charge between 3-4%. A small business that's why don't accept the card.

Amex is best known for its green, gold and platinum card. The one who carries black American express card ( centurion card) are elite so, if you are the service provider and see someone using black card, take extra care because, either they can be celebrities, millionaire or powerful business Tycoon heir.

For Contact and 24/7 customer service,

U.S Toll-free 1-800-801-6564 option 1

Outside U.S Toll-free 1-954-503-8868- op 1

Customer service,

1-800-327-1267, option 1

Outside U.S +5255 5326 2660 option 1

Travel service,

U.S Toll-free 1-800-801-6564 option 2

Outside U.S 1-954-503-8868 , option 2 

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