Alcohol Certification Guide: What you should remember?

 Alcohol Certification Guide: What you should remember?

Hello my followers and regular visitors, I am writing this article after six months. its January 1st today, the first day of January 2023. In my view, I think I have posted almost all of the explanation with articles and answers related to hospitality, tourism, housekeeping, food and beverage department, food production department and front office department. I also believe that this blog will be a very good reference for students pursuing their grade 11, grade 12, diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor level, post-graduate level and master level in hotel management or hospitality management. 

In today article I am providing some tips for alcohol serving certification. this certification is required on USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA. what I mean is you must have a valid alcohol serving license! without it you wont be able to serve alcohol to customer or guests. I have highlighted some major tips which will act as a reference and will be wise to remember it. 

1. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years. 

2. The legal serving age of alcohol is 18 years. you cannot serve alcohol to guest unless you are 18 years of age. you can work as a hat-checker, snack bowl filler or parking attendant but you cannot touch alcohol in job. 

3. BAC stands for blood alcoholic concentration. you can face charges if your BAC is above 0.08 or more. 

4. If the customer you are serving alcohol gets intoxicated, your responsibility ends when he gets sober ups. until he gets sober up, you are his responsibility. 

5. You cannot serve alcohol to intoxicated customer. you cant let him enter in your establishment if you believe he is intoxicated. 

6. You must inform your colleague or manager if you believe the table you are serving are rated in either yellow or red signal by you. 

7. Alcohol is depressant. it affect your central nervous system and thinking capacity. Alcohol is absorbed by liver. 

8. Mixing carbonated beverages with alcohol will help alcohol to reach quickly in your blood stream. 

9. Energy drinks will make you intoxicated sooner without realizing you are becoming intoxicated. 

10. Fat person will get intoxicated sooner when he drank same amount of alcohol in compared to muscular people. I meant his blood alcoholic concentration will be higher. 

11. The number of people that can enter in your establishment depends upon your policy and you cannot deny enter to police, firefighters, inspectors, medic crew at any costs. 

12. Alcohol and gaming commission (AGCO) grants license to sell alcoholic beverages in Ontario. 

overall, this are too good to remember 12 points that might help you with your alcohol certification. 

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