Soup | classification of soup

Soup are nutritious and wholesome liquid food consisting of  meat , poultry ,seafood , vegetables. Soup stimulates appetite for heavier course that is to follow. In French classical menu soup was served as second course . It is called as potage in French.

Hot soup should be served hot  at 90 degree Celsius. Cold soup should be served between 10 - 12 degree Celsius. Soup is served in soup bowl and accompaniment like bread rolls and bread sticks with butter are provided along with soup. The standard portion of soup is  200 - 250 ml.


                             |.        |.  
                         Hot.       Cold
                    |.       |.        |.         |
                 Thin.  Thick.   Thin.   Thick
             |         |.      |.         |.        |

Thin soup is further divided into passed and unpassed  Consomme is passed thin soup while Broth is unpassed soup.

Similarly thick soup consists of  cream , veloute , puree , Bisque and chowder soup

Also in cold thin soup there is consomme and in cold thick soup, cream of vegetables soup and cream of fruit soup 

1 . Thin soup :- 

  • Consomme :- consomme are clear thin soup . It is made from richly flavoured stock . It is crystal clear as it is strained through muslin cloth.It can be served cold also . E.g - chicken consomme , consomme julienne 

  • Unclear soup / un passed soup :- Broth is unclear soup . It consists of water or stock in which bones , meat , fish  , cereals have been simmered. E g scotch broth , golden broth

2. Thick soup :- 

  • Cream soup :- They are thickened with either bechamel or veloute and finished with cream. E.g cream of vegetable soup , cream of mushroom soup

  • Puree soups :- They are vegetable soup thickened with starch contained in the vegetables. Puree soup are served with croutons e.g tomato pure soup , potato puree soup.

  • veloute soup :- They are prepared from strong flavoured white stock and blond roux. They are finished with liaison of cream and egg yolk . E .g chicken veloute and fish veloute

  • Bisque soups :- They are shellfish puree soup thickened with rice or cream. It is slightly thick with particles of cooked shell fish floating. Small amount of wine is added to enhance their flavour . E.g lobster bisque 

  • Chowder soups :-  chowder are American originated soup . They are thick and heavy with potatoes ,onions , bacon various seasoning and sea food. They are milk or tomato based . E g seafood chowder , clam chowder

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