Soup And Classification of Soup with Recipes

Soup And Classification of Soup with Recipes

Soup are nutritious and wholesome liquid food consisting of  meat , poultry ,seafood , vegetables.
Soup stimulates appetite for heavier course that is to follow. In French classical menu soup was served as second course . It is called as potage in French.

Hot soup should be served hot  at 90 degree Celsius. Cold soup should be served between 10 - 12 degree Celsius. Soup is served in soup bowl and accompaniment like bread rolls and bread sticks with butter are provided along with soup. The standard portion of soup is  200 - 250 ml.


                             |.        |.  
                         Hot.       Cold
                    |.       |.        |.         |
                 Thin.  Thick.   Thin.   Thick
             |         |.      |.         |.        |

Thin soup is further divided into passed and unpassed  Consomme is passed thin soup while Broth is unpassed soup.

Similarly thick soup consists of  cream , veloute , puree , Bisque and chowder soup

Also in cold thin soup there is consomme and in cold thick soup, cream of vegetables soup and cream of fruit soup 

1 . Thin soup :- 

  • Consomme :- consomme are clear thin soup . It is made from richly flavoured stock . It is crystal clear as it is strained through muslin cloth.It can be served cold also . E.g - chicken consomme , consomme julienne 

  • Unclear soup / un passed soup :- Broth is unclear soup . It consists of water or stock in which bones , meat , fish  , cereals have been simmered. E g scotch broth , golden broth

2. Thick soup :- 

  • Cream soup :- They are thickened with either bechamel or veloute and finished with cream. E.g cream of vegetable soup , cream of mushroom soup

  • Puree soups :- They are vegetable soup thickened with starch contained in the vegetables. Puree soup are served with croutons e.g tomato pure soup , potato puree soup.

  • veloute soup :- They are prepared from strong flavoured white stock and blond roux. They are finished with liaison of cream and egg yolk . E .g chicken veloute and fish veloute

  • Bisque soups :- They are shellfish puree soup thickened with rice or cream. It is slightly thick with particles of cooked shell fish floating. Small amount of wine is added to enhance their flavour . E.g lobster bisque 

  • Chowder soups :-  chowder are American originated soup . They are thick and heavy with potatoes ,onions , bacon various seasoning and sea food. They are milk or tomato based . E g seafood chowder , clam chowder.

Some soup Recipes 

1. Consomme soup :

Method :

  • Thoroughly mix the minced meat , salt ,egg albumen , Mirepoix and bouquet garni along with some cold stock in thick bottomed pan.
  • Placed it in gentle heat and add other remaining stock .
  • Gradually raft will rise in top. Simmer if for some hours .
  • Strain with muslin cloth and remove all scum that arises.
  • You can add egg shell after washing properly at beginning for perfect colour, shiny consomme.

  • Garnish it with parsley chopped and for 4 portion of consomme use 150 GM minced meat , 1 or 2 egg whites , 100 GM Mirepoix 1.5 litre stock , salt and pepper as taste along with some bouquet garnish

2. Italian wedding soup

Ingredients and quantity

Chicken minced.       150 gram

Bread crumbs.           20 gram

Egg.                                 1 pcs

Dried basil                  1 teaspoon

Parmesan cheese.       50 gram

Onion powder.           1 teaspoon

Carrot brunoise.               100 gram

Chicken stock.                    1 litre

Spinach brunoise.              50 gram

Pasta                                     50 gram

Salt.                                        TT              

Pepper.                                  TT

Parsley ( chopped).           Garnish

Parmesan cheese.              Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • In a bowl , combine minced chicken , egg , breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese , basil and onion powder . Mix well and make a ball of 3/4 inches
  • In a large sauce pan , heat stock to boiling , add pasta , carrot and add seared meatballs
  • Return to boil , bring heat to medium and reduce heat. Then , add spinach
  • Cook in simmering heat around 4-5 minutes untill pasta is soft , stirring frequently. 
  • Correct the seasoning and sprinkle parmesan cheese after portioning in a soup bowl . Garnish with chopped parsley

3. Soup a'l oignon toscan

Ingredients and quantity

Pork Ham           100 gram

Onion.                 200 gram

Olive oil.             30 gram

Garlic.                 30 gram

Chicken stock.   800 ml

Cheddar cheese    75 gram

Butter.                 50 gram

Bread.                  4 slices

Seasoning.          To taste

Parsley.               To garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Cut the pork Ham into dices , boil it then fry for 2/3 minutes till golden brown colour
  • Heat a sauce pan, add oil then add onion and garlic . Cook on high heat for few minutes and reduce the heat , cover and cook for 10 minutes or untill onion lightly caramelized
  • Add chicken stock to the sauce pan , boil and simmer 
  • Toast the slices of bread on both side till golden brown . Spread butter on top of toasted bread and cheddar cheese. Cut into dices then
  • Add fried ham to the soup and season it with salt and pepper
  • Serve it in soup bowl and top it with dice bread cubes and garnish by parsley.

4. Gazpacho 

It is marinated and blended cold soup of mix vegetables

Ingredients and quantity

Red pepper.               150 gram

Cucumber                  300 gram

Tomato concasse.      200 gram

Red wine                     50 gram

Salt.                                TT

Black pepper.               TT

Garlic peeled.               200 gram

Tobasco sauce.              10 ml

Olive oil.                         15 ml

Ice crushed.                  200 gram

Parsley.                         To garnish

Fresh cream.               To garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Wash and trim the vegetable
  • Cut tomato concasse in dice shape along with cucumber , bell pepper 
  • Marinate vegetables now using red wine , little vinegar , salt , black pepper , tobasco sauce and olive oil
  • Blend marinated vegetables
  • Add desired crushed ice and maintain correct consistency
  • Correct the seasoning and portion the soup
  • Garnish by parsley and cream . Served chilled

5. Bisque de crevettes

It is thick soup of corn and shrimp

Ingredients and quantity

Shrimp                  400 gram

Bacon.                     50 gram

Onion (dice).          50 gram

Garlic ( chopped).  15 gram

Celery                      15 gram

White wine             50 ml

Chi. Stock.               400 ml

Tomato puree.        50 ml

Seasonings.       TT

Worcestershire sauce    15 ml

Butter.                       50 gram

Refined flour.           50 gram

Cream.                       100 ml

Milk                            400 ml

Green onion.             15 gram

Corn (canned).          100 gram

Dried chives.              Garnish

Methods of Preparation :

  • Heat sauce pan , add oil and fry bacon till crispy , cut it into dices
  • In a same pan , add onion , garlic and celery . Saute over medium heat till onion is translucent then add white wine , tomato puree , Worcestershire sauce and seasonings
  • Simmer over medium heat untill mixture is reduced and thick ( cook 6 to 7 minute)
  • Blend onion mixture then strain and pour into soup pot . Add chicken stock and cook for 8 to 10 minutes
  • Prepare white roux . Gradually, add milk and cream and whisk till smooth . Cook for 2 minutes then transfer to soup
  • Add boiled shrimp , bacon , corn , green onion then simmer 2/3 minutes and garnish with dry chives 

6. Minestrone soup

Ingredients and quantity

Butter                         50 gram

Onion chopped.        50 gram

Celery.                         15 gram

Carrot.                         50 gram

White beans.              50 gram

Cabbage                      50 gram

Tomato puree.          100 gram

Chicken stock.            1 litre

Garlic chopped.         10 gram

Macaroni ( elbow shaped).    100 gram

Parmesan cheese.       Garnish

Salt.                                TT

Pepper.                          TT

Parsley chopped.         Garnish

Spinach.                        50 gram

Bacon.                           50 gram

Italian mix herb.         1 teaspoon

Tomato.                         50 gram

Method of preparation :

  • Soaked the beans overnight and pressure cook it. Keep aside 
  • Prepare tomato cancasse
  • Blanch the pasta and keep it aside
  • Cut the onion , cabbage , spinach , celery and carrot into medium dice shape
  • Melt butter in a heavy pot , add bacon and stir fry . Add onion , celery , garlic and carrot . Saute few minutes
  • Add chicken stock then , add tomato puree and after few minutes,add tomato concasse
  • Add dried herbs and stir well
  • Cook in a slow heat , till all vegetables are tender
  • Add spinach , boiled beans and blanched pasta
  • Correct the seasoning . Remove from the heat and garnish by chopped parsley and parmesan cheese.

7. Sweetcorn soup

Ingredients and quantity

Sweet corn.        200 gram
Corn Flour.        As required
Stock.                   1 litres
Carrot and beans.     30 gm
Ginger and garlic.     15 gm
MSG.                    As required
Seasonings.        As required
Water.                 As required
Chopped spring onion.       To garnish

Method of preparation :

  • Heat a stock pot , add olive oil and saute ginger , garlic. Saute few spring onion
  • Add sweet corn , few chopped carrot and beans , saute it.
  • Now in a blender , blend sweet corn adding water and add the sweet corn paste in saute vegetables and sweet corn 
  • Add stock , salt and stir well
  • Boil and simmer. Thicken the soup by adding cornflour and correct seasonings
  • Garnish by spring onion

8. Hot and sour soup

Ingredients and quantity

Oil.                          30 ml

Garlic.                    4 cloves ( fine chopped)

Chilli.                     2 ( fine chopped )

Ginger.                  20 gm ( Fine chopped)

Spring onion.       30 gm (chopped )

Carrot.                   50 gm

Capsicum.             50 gm

Beans.                    20 gm

Water/stock.         6 cup

Vinegar.                40 ml

Chilli sauce.          30 gm

Ketchup/ sugar.    20 gm

Salt.                          TT

Pepper                     TT

Methods of Preparation :

  • Heat oil in a pot and add chopped garlic, chopped ginger, chopped chilli
  • Add chopped spring onion and cook till soft. Add brunoise cut vegetables and stir fry till vegetables are half cooked
  • Add water , soya sauce , vinegar , chilli sauce and boil for 5 minutes
  • Thick the soup by adding corn Flour and cook till soup is slightly thick.
  • Garnish with spring onion

Chef Note : you can blanch the vegetable also

9. Lentil soup

Ingredients and quantity ( 4 portion )

Pulses soaked.                200 gram
White stock/water.        1. 5 litre
Chopped onion.              50 gram
Carrots chopped             50 gram
Bouquet garni.                 Few
Salt, pepper.                       TT
Croutons.                              1
Butter.                               50 gram

Methods of Preparation :-

1. Pick and wash the pulses 
2. Place in thick bottom pan, add stock and bring to boil and skim
3. Add other ingredients in recipe ,season and simmer
4. Pass through chinosis
5. Correct the seasoning
6. Garnish with croutons ( fried )

10. Vegetable soup

Ingredients and quantity

Mix veggies  250 gram
Butter.             50 gram
Flour               30 gram
White stock    1 litre
Potatoes.         100 gram
Salt,pepper         TT
Bouquet garni   few
Butter.                  50 gram

Method of preparation :

1. Peel ,wash and slice all the vegetables except potatoes.
2. Cook gently in the butter without colouring.
3. Mix in the flour and cook slowly for few minutes
4. Mix in the hot stock, stir and bring boil
5. Add sliced potatoes and bouquet garni. Season. Simmer for 30-minutes. 
6. Pass through chinosis and correct consistency, seasonings.
7. Our(vegetable soup) puree de legumes is ready to serve.

You can use onion, carrot, leek ,celery ,turnip as mix vegetables.

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