Basic Continental Herbs Everyone Should know

No continental dishes are complete without them. There are various continental herbs :-

1. Basil :-  it is used in salads , sauce and tomato dish 

2. Rosemary :- it is one of the most pungent and aromatic herbs . In Latin rosemary meant Dews of the sea  and used in sauce , salad , stuffing

3. Thyme :- there are different varieties of thyme however majority of cook prefer French thyme. We can say thyme is most important herbs of European kitchen 

4. Oregano :- it is used in pasta , spaghetti and various Italian and Greek dishes . It is found in mountain of Italy and Greece and oregano meant joy of the mountain.

5. Sage :- it is used for fat meat

6. Tarragon :- it is used in sauce , fish ,meat, poultry

7. Chive :- it should be added at last moment of cooking otherwise flavour will suffer. It is mainly used in soup, sauce , fish

8. Parsley :- parsley is uses in various continental dishes 

9. Marjoram :- it is used in sauce ,soup,stews

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