Basic Continental Herbs Everyone Should know

No continental dishes are complete without them. There are various continental herbs :-

1. Basil :-  it is used in salads , sauce and tomato dish 

2. Rosemary :- it is one of the most pungent and aromatic herbs . In Latin rosemary meant Dews of the sea  and used in sauce , salad , stuffing

3. Thyme :- there are different varieties of thyme however majority of cook prefer French thyme. We can say thyme is most important herbs of European kitchen 

4. Oregano :- it is used in pasta , spaghetti and various Italian and Greek dishes . It is found in mountain of Italy and Greece and oregano meant joy of the mountain.

5. Sage :- it is used for fat meat

6. Tarragon :- it is used in sauce , fish ,meat, poultry

7. Chive :- it should be added at last moment of cooking otherwise flavour will suffer. It is mainly used in soup, sauce , fish

8. Parsley :- parsley is uses in various continental dishes 

9. Marjoram :- it is used in sauce ,soup,stews

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    The continental food diet typically consists of certain herbs such as sage or thyme. We all know this too well because we see people lining up for croissants and pain au chocolat every morning before we head out for our morning commute to work. Is Continental Food Harm Your Body?


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