Pioneer of chef | great chef Escoffier

Escoffier Auguste began his career at the age of 13 with his uncle who ran a famous restaurant in nice , then worked in Paris ,Nice , Monte- Carlo in association with Ritz and Eschenard ,two masters of the hotel business ,he moved to London and remained in this illustrious establishments untill 1898 when for personal reasons he gave up the direction of Savoy kitchen to take charge of those of of Carlton hotel ,one of the famous in Europe .
       He was regarded as the emperor of the world's kitchen, a title conferred upon him by Emperor William II. Escoffier retired in 1921 at age of 74 ,having practiced his art for 62 years.  He created numerous recipes on honour of Australian singer Melba and simplified French classical menu . He also introduced  'kitchen brigade' and was the first chef to care for nutritional value of the food.

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