Development | Features | Indicators

Development means to improve ,to progress, to develop , it involves positive change . In a simple sense Development means progress and positive change of society. It is the process of improving the quality of all human lives with important objective :-

1. Raising people living level i.e standard of living through increase in income ,  medical facilities and educational development.
2. It increase people freedom to choose.
3. Provides best political , Economic , social and Technological environment for growth of people .

Development was basically an economic concept in 1950 to 1960 Era  as development was referred to utilization of resources to facilitate economic growth .


1. Development is positive and result oriented 
2. It increase quality of life 
3. Development is rational
4. It focus on quality improvement
5. It is continuous ,on going process
6. It is not purely economic phenomenon but multi - disciplinary process
7. Planning is necessary for development


1 . political stability
2. GDP 
3. Women employment
4. Average income
5. Water access
6. Literacy rates
7. Communication
8. Life expectancy
9. Crime levels
10. Administration development
11. Manpower status
12. Economic activity
13. Living standard of citizens.

Overall development means improvement in country Economic and social conditions along with positive change and growth.

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