How To Write Good CV For Hospitality Industry Jobs

How To Write Good CV For Hospitality Industry Jobs ?

The curriculum vitae is a concise history of personal, educational and professional experience, gained over a period of life. A first impression is that it makes the employer the call you to the interview or not as it provides information of both job description and job specification for the human resource. So, you should always make it with care.

The curriculum vitae always comes first and it is at most of the times the part which is the most important of all for the job because The employers need to bring down the number of applications from about over a thousand/hundred to a very few which are valid. This can be done only with the help of the curriculum vitae that is usually collected.

Moreover, if you have a curriculum vitae, it does not mean that you will get a job, however, a good summary of writing your CV can provide you invitation to interview. It's upon to you from there on. The CV should be thought of as a promotional brochure in which you write your professional qualities and what you accomplished so far. A good summary of the facts illustrates the value that could make you be employed.

Here are tips to write good curriculum vita for Hospitality Industry that will help you score a job:

Good presentation

A resume that is printed neatly on A4 size paper and presented carefully will bring you success. The layout should always be well-structured and clean. Your curriculum vita should never be folded or crumpled. So, make sure you make use of an A4 sized envelope to post your application. Always ensure that the hotspot of your curriculum vita or the upper middle area of your first page, which will attract the attention of your prospective employer, has the most important information. You can use help from Google play store and use different CV application to prepare your CV layout in over 50 format in less 15 minutes. 

Keep it short

A good resume will be concise, clear, and makes each point without waffling. You do not need pages after pages of information. Just make sure you keep things short and sweet rather than lengthy and uninteresting. A resume is a reassurance to your prospective employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job and will help you tick all the right boxes. There is a better chance of landing a job interview if you satisfy all the criteria that your employer has set. Also, employers would receive thousands of curriculum vitae every day. So, they would not have the time to go through everything cover to cover.

Update your CV

Keep your documents up to date by adding the latest information and deleting any information that is not relevant to the job. Use positive and assertive language.

Moreover, Make sure that you add in any relevant experience and explain the skills that you have learned. Be really specific, if you think you have great customer service skills then say why. For example you could say something like 'working as a receptionist has enhanced my customer service skills because I had to welcome over 100 customers a day.'

You might think this is really obvious, but make sure that the spelling and grammar on your CV is correct. Check it several times and then get someone to check it again for you. If you can get someone from within the hospitality industry to proof read your CV then do so. They will be able to tell you exactly how to tailor your CV to your job role and help you to impress hospitality industry employers. You may also use grammarly for checking grammars and spelling. 

Also, Don't overdo your CV. Make sure that your CV is consistent and do not use any crazy fonts or designs. If you get rejections then ask people how you could improve your CV with experts. Listen to any advice carefully and keep making improvements.

Similarly, When writing about your interests and hobbies make sure that you only include relevant information. Hospitality employers don't need to know about your social activities, tell them something useful. Ensure that every bullet point demonstrates your general strengths and passion for the industry. For example you could explain how you like to write regular blog updates about the best restaurants to visit or latest sales techniques.

I suggest you to Include a strong competency statement at the beginning of your CV. This should be between 150 and 200 words and it should sell your skills and abilities quickly and be powerful enough to catch an employer's attention. Also, add or paste your photo in CV and write below your relevant mobile number, email, address. You may want to use licensed and certificaton also Also which is the main part along with work experience and photo your employer are going to look for. 

If you are looking for jobs in the hospitality industry you should also check for updates on websites and job boards. There are lots of great jobs in hospitality in different countries!

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