Moist Heat Medium | Braising | Stewing

Stewing is cooking method that is nearly identical to braising but involves smaller pieces of food / meat. It is slow cooking method of food in liquid medium and ideal for tough cut of meat. Ingredients in stew involves combination of vegetables, meat.
Stew are thickened by its own unpassed ingredients or beurre manie .

Rules for stewing :- 

1. Cooking time should be long and slow.

2. Seasoning and flavoured are added to the cooking liquid 

3. The food should never be more than half covered with liquid .

4. It is suitable for rough cut .

5. The meat and vegetables should be smaller size.


The word Braising is is derived from the French word Braiser. It is combination cooking method using both moist and dry heat . Typically, food is seared at high temperature and then finished in covered pot with liquid. The braising liquid contain only sufficient liquid to cover the Mirepoix and involves larger, cheaper cut of milk . Braising are two types :- 

1. Brown braising :- meat is seared and cooked on bed of Mirepoix with appropriate sauce 

2. White Braising :- food is cooked in bed of Mirepoix with white stock .

Rules for Braising :-

1. It is economic and brings more flavourful dish

2. Fresh aromatic herbs and vegetables should be used as bed while Braising

3. Suitable for tough nature of food

4. Braised vegetables are better if served with good sauce made separately

5. While searing the colour should be even for meat and only braised.

In Braising food items are cooked by both frying and boiling method simultaneously.

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