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Food we eat contains many chemical substances, this chemical substance are called Nutrients. Nutrients are the chemical substances found in the food and essential to carry specific functions in the body. There are six type of Nutrients found in the food :-

1. Carbohydrate 2. Proteins 3. Vitamins 4. Fats 5. Minerals 6. Water 

These Nutrients are classified as, 

 1. On the basis of Requirements. -

Micro Nutrients. -  They are found in small quantity in food and required in small amount. Usually the requirements per day ranges from Microgram to Miligram. They are non - calorigenic e.g vitamin and Minerals.

Macro Nutrients - These Nutrients are present in larger amount in food and also Required in large quantity by body . They are Caloriegenic except water.

2. On the basis of Carbon content :-

Organic Nutrients :-  Those Nutrients which are composed of carbon are called Organic Nutrients . e.g carbohydrates , protein , fat , vitamin

In- Organic Nutrients :- Those Nutrients that are not composed of carbon are called In organic Nutrients e.g water and minerals.


Nutrition is the science of Nourishing the body . It is the study of various Nutrients , their Characterstics , function , source , Requirement.

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