Dimensions of development | Development dimensions

1. Political development :-

Political development is very important . It is element of development. Proper political development is a must for social and economic progress. Political stability is very important .  Also political development means societies where citizens are free to choose their leaders and contests for any public offices they are interested in . People should be allowed to enjoy fundamental freedom

2. Economic development :- 

It is represented simply increase in GNP or income . It consists increase in production due to technological development. the goal of economic development is to reduce poverty levels , reduce unemployment , raising productivity in all sectors of economy. It is measured by Gross national product using GNP , per capita 

3. Administrative development :-

Development Administration is concerned with increasing and improving capabilities of Administrative systems . It is development of Administrative capabilities and involve change in Administration, politics , reforms,procedure and development of creativeness and Innovativeness

4. Socio - cultural development :-

Social development is development and progress on basic life of people like education, health care and dignified liveli hood. A socially and culturally developed society is characterized by national unity, social integration . If social development is improper , people are divided along cultural lines , racial and religious line . A country cannot be progressed without proper social and cultural development and  People will respect each other culture .

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