Guest Room Attendant And House persons

Guestroom attendants reports to the floor supervisor. Generally, hotel employ one room maid 12-16 rooms. Nowadays , most hotel use the term ' attendant ' rather than 'maid ' since Men have entered this arena earlier dominated by women.

Duties and responsibilities 

1. Clean and tidy guest rooms as per the standard policy of hotel.

2. Change guestroom and bath linen

3. Make guestroom beds

4. Replenish guest supplies

5. Provide turn down service

6. Reply guest supplies

7. Replenish maids cart with guest supply, cleaning agents 

8. To report various various guest ro Reportables

Figure :- Guestroom Attendants


They perform heavy physical work assigned like carpet , windows cleaning , furniture carrying 

Duties and responsibilities

1. Clean carpets 

2. Shift bed and other heavy furniture

3.  Clean the swimming pools

4. Clear out garbage 

5. Clean fire fighting equipment

6. Clean all work , door and window

7. Wash wall

8. Clean garden and garden path

9. Take heavy  cleaning, deep cleaning.

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