Food commodity | Fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamin and can be served both raw or cook . They are sweet edible part of plant. Fruits can be classified into :-

1. Soft fruit

2. Hard fruits

3. Stone fruits

4. Citrus fruits

5. Tropical fruits

6. Kiwi fruits 

  • Strawberry, Blackberry , Raspberry are soft fruits
  • Apple and pear are Hard fruits
  • Cherry , Mango , peach and plum are stone fruit
  • Lemon , lime , orange, tangerine , are citrus fruits 
  • Papaya and litchi are kiwi fruits
  • Bananas , pineapple , Date , Melon are tropical fruits.
  • Soft fruit spoil quickly so care must be taken. Similarly, fruits should not be allowed to over ripe and should be keep in refrigerator.

  • Never store banana on refrigerator as it will turn black.  

  • Remove spoiled food immediately as it will spoil other.

  • Don't like them too high and don't bruise hard fruits

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