Nutrients - Minerals

Mineral are inorganic elements which are absorbed by our body and important for body growth and development . There are 19 different minerals which are required in small quantity in our body . Some minerals are :-

Iodine :- lack of iodine in diet cause goiter . It is also required for formation of hormone. It's source are seafood and salt

Sodium :- it is required for body and found in salt . It is necessary to keep water level balance in cell.

Calcium :- calcium is required for building bones and teeth . it also controls heart. Milk and milk product are rich source of calcium

Phosphorus :- phosphorus is also important in making bones and teeth strong. It also controls structure of brain cells. It's source are liver , kidney , egg, cheese

Iron :-  offal, egg yolk, green vegetables are rich in iron . It is necessary for building hemoglobin . Hemoglobin transfer oxygen to different part of body.

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