Layout of Housekeeping department | Organization chart of Housekeeping department

Executive Housekeeper is the head of housekeeping office who reports to general manager of the hotel. The secretary assists the executive housekeeper.

  • In laundry all soiled linen are washed . Generally the volume of soiled laundry is very high in big hotel. It is equipped with shelves , cupboard , hangers . There is exchange counter in laundry .
  • In linen and uniform room the linen of hotel are stored, collected and dispersed to various floor pantries. there is also employee exchange counter which provide uniform to staff on one to one basis I.e soiled linen for fresh . It must be cool and dry with sufficient stock of clothes.
  • There is also tailor shop who stick and mend /repair tear linen and uniform. A stitch in time saves nine so, stitching and sewing also helps controlling linen cost 
  • In linen store various linen required for housekeeping operations are stored.
  • Executive housekeeper is the head of head of housekeeping who reports to general manager . Administrative work of department is performed by executive housekeeper from here
  • Secretary assists executive housekeeper. 
  • Desk control room or Housekeeping control desk is operated24 hours a day . Housekeeping staffs report at the start and end the shift from there. It is the main communication centre from where co ordination is maintained with various departments.lost and found section is also located there. 
  • Upholstery are textiles , spring or other materials used for decorating furniture and rendering comfortable. 
  • In flower room , there is sink, working Tables and various flower arrangement. Normally it is air conditioned.

It is the easiest layout of housekeeping which shows different layout and section of house keeping department.


The organization chart shows hierarchy and Responsibilities along with authority which is who reports to whom, who is senior , what is the duty, Responsibilities e.t c. It shows organization culture and tradition. It also shows our structure i.e how we operates and functions. 

Executive housekeeper is the head of housekeeping department with deputy Housekeeper or assistant Housekeeper below him . There are linen and uniform supervisor, desk control supervisor, floor supervisor,night supervisor, public area supervisor and horticulturist below assistant or deputy Housekeeper.

  • Also linen and uniform supervises tailors ,upholsters and attendants .
  • Floor supervisor supervises room attendant and houseman .
  • Public area supervisor supervises houseman and cloak room attendant. House man lifts heavy objects.
  • Horticulturist supervisor gardener and head gardener

Note :- the above figure is just to understand organization chart. You see there who reports to whom and who is the boss of department. Always remember executive housekeeper is the head and below him there are assistantHousekeeper and deputy Housekeeper who supervises different supervisor.those supervisor are six  (floor,night,public area, horticulturist,desk control, linen and uniform)

Functions of Housekeeping department

1. Cleaning Rooms and public areas

2. Bed making

3. laundry services

4. Pest control

5. Key control

6. Safety and security

7. Interior decoration

8. Room Maintenance

9. Guest Relations 

10. Upkeep the aesthetic appeal of the property.

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