Moist Heat Medium Of Cooking - Poaching

Poaching temperature is between 71 - 85 degree Celsius. In poaching , food items are cooked gently in minimum amount of liquid. the liquid may be water , stock , Milk . Poaching liquid is also called court bouillon which is made of acid , Bouquet garni , Mirepoix and poaching liquid

Rules for poaching :-

1. Whole fish should be poached by placing in cold water and cut fish should be poached by placing in hot water

2. While poaching chicken , the internal temperature of chicken should reach 74 degree Celsius.

3. Adding Vinegar during poaching prevents disintegration.

4. Food item should be completely immersed in the liquid. 

5. Fresh egg should be added one at a time

6. Poaching should be done in gentle heat

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